Veterinary doctor murdered in Lahore

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Ashfaq Ahmed, 68, a veterinary doctor, was murdered on Friday at Sabzazaar in a reportedly religious-based attack.

Ashfaq Ahmed, a member of Ahmadi community, was riding along with his grandson when a motorcyclist attacked and shot him, killing him at the moment.

Shahzeb, his grandson, remained unharmed, while the murderer, who had his face covered with a helmet, ran away from the murder scene.

Professor Ashfaq Ahmed, retired from Lahore University of Veterinary Sciences, held a PhD degree in food and nutrition.

The police is unsure about the intention of the crime. But it is speculated as religious based attacked.

On the other hand, Salim Uddin, representative of Jammat-i-Ahmadiyya, criticized the murder and emphasized that the doctor was killed because of his religious beliefs.

According to the report of SATP around 47 doctors were killed in the past 10 years. The security of the doctors are questionable.

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