Vote For The Betterment Of Country, Vote For Your Health.

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So the season of election is in full swing. Slogans of “Jiye Bhutto” “Vote ko izzat Do” or “Do Nahee, Aik Pakistan” are screaming all over the country. There is not a single kid that is not interested in election campaigns. In this “finger crossed” scenario, we all know that we are losing patience, tolerance and a bit health as well. Want to know that how can I say that? Keep scrolling.

These election campaigns are desperately in everyone’s mouth. “We will win” We will win and “We will win” is creating a bit chaotic as well. This chaos can put you in following unhealthy conditions that you might not have an idea. Here I’m going to tell you that how this election season is not so good to go for your health. You can also find the best Doctor in Pakistan from


This is obvious that every person has freedom of expressions and speech in this beautifully oriented country. In serious arguments, one can easily lose its temper while justifying a point of view. This can create serious anxiety and if you are someone that is already suffering from high blood pressure then you must avoid arguments with a simple “smile”. Cheer up it’s not that difficult.

Election 2018
Election 2018

Fast Heartbeat.

Waiting for results and the new prime minister can also create fast heartbeat. Obviously, this election is all about change and a huge change. But for a huge change, you need a bit change in your behavior as well. Change your mood and not always get in a fight and mess up precious relations. Take a deep breath and relax. Ease your heartbeat. You can also find the best Cardiologist in Lahore from


In all these chaos, anxiety and fast heartbeat a severe headache can trigger. To avoid headache drink lots of water and keep yourself happy with the results. Election results are for our betterment and not for some race or competition.

Election 2018
Election 2018


If you are an active member in this election you can suffer from severe fatigue. All you need to do is give yourself a treat just a day before the election and give rest to your body. You can also find the best General Physician in Karachi from

Above all this election is all about the future of Pakistan. Accept the results happily, with a big heart. Our country needs us more for progress. Lastly, get prepared for a big celebration and more.

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