Want To Be Smarter Than Winter Issues? Here’s What You Should Do

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It is not winter that brings ailments instead it is our fault and our carelessness that we catch colds, cough and flu. Then what do we do? blame winters for it!. Winter is the weather almost every one of us likes, to make it even more beautiful we need to be careful about a few things.

Why Do We Get Sick In Winters?

In winter, all of us get lazy, wrapped in layers and layers looking like a burrito. That naturally makes us lazy, physical activity gets limited and most of the people do not prefer walking or exercising. A healthy diet is what can keep you safe not only from upcoming issues but from all the extra weight you are about to gain in the winters.
Wave your goodbyes to the heatwaves happily and get ready to welcome the exciting cold weather. Make sure you have completed all the precautionary measures. Keep up a regime to stay a step ahead of winter issues.

Here Are Some Of The Things You Should Follow

1. Do Not Consume Too Much Sugar

Too much sugar and sweet things take away all the precious nutrients from your body and leave your digestive tract upset.

2. Keep Yourself Easy At The Gym

As the weather is changing, it has gotten our body under stress. It gets difficult for our body to accept the weather change.  Rest up, don’t be very hard on yourself when you go to the gym. Keep your workout easy and slow so your body can easily adjust to it. Strenuous physical activity such as running and weight lifting can break down your immune system and can leave you sick.

3. Don’t Change Your Clothes All At Once

Try to keep things slow. While changing your clothes, try not to expose your body to the cold all at once. Change your clothes layer by layer and let your body adjust to the opposite temperature. When you change your clothes all at once, you are letting your body get affected at its weakest points. Don’t let that happen.

4. Get Up Wash Your Hands, Don’t Rely On Sanitizers

In winters, we get lazier than ever and try to rely on substitute options than getting up. Don’t use too much sanitizer, wash your hands to stay safe from those clingy winter germs.

5. Start Using Vitamins

Get yourself a good bottle of vitamins to keep yourself safe from any kind of winter disease. Plus to boost up your immunity!

If You’re Feeling Too Cold, Try This

  1. Get your self packed in 2-3 innerwear and wear them proudly. Wear a great sweater and tights under your pants or trousers. This is guaranteed to raise your body’s temperature
  2. One of the biggest mistakes we ever make is to let our head and ears exposed to the air. Cover your neck and ears up with a scarf and a cap
  3. Have Soups
  4. Keep your furry-heaters ready, if you don’t have one, get one. Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. Cats are what I am talking about 😀
  5. Keep yourself as active as possible to boost your circulation. Get up and move around at least once in an hour. Take the stairs instead of elevators.

Combating Dry Skin In Winters With These Tips:

  1. If you Have A Dull Complexion
    Drink a lot of water to bring out all the beauty you have. Dry skin and patches won’t ever let your skin glow. Your daily skin regimen should start with a cleanser followed by a cream or balm instead of a lotion.
  2. Dry Frizzy Hair 
    Make conditioner your regular routine. Make sure to use conditioner during shower as it helps to lock down all the softness and moisture your hair are missing in the winters.
  3. Dry Hands And Feet
    Mix one part mouthwash to two parts water and soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes. The mouthwash contains benzoic acid to help shed dead skin and ethanol to protect feet from bacteria and fungus. Also, make sure to wear comfy socks or slippers when walking around your house this protects the soles of your foot from getting cracked and stiff.

Tips courtesy: (https://tribune.com.pk/story/1003315/5-winter-beauty-tips-for-combating-dry-skin/)

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Stay Happy, Healthy and Hydrated during winter.

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