Watch for These 5 Signs of Potassium Deficiency

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Are you clutched that the muscles in your body are not working as comprehensively as they should be? Do you want to keep hypertension in control? Are you looking for some natural techniques to keep psychological problems, such as depression and hallucinations, at bay? If you nodded in yes, then having sufficient amount of potassium in your body can aid you. So, you might be curious to learn how important potassium is and how to identify its deficit in your body, aren’t you? Scroll Down to get your answers.

How Important is Potassium For Your Health?

Deficiency of Potassium can hamper your health adversely. It plays a significant part in transporting various crucial nutrients to the cells and eliminating the toxins and waste products from our cells. Potassium promotes the effective functioning of muscles, including the cardiac muscles. It also aids in regulating your blood pressure and maintaining good health of your nervous system.

5 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Potassium:

If you experience any of these below-mentioned symptoms and can’t figure out what’s behind them, check in with the best General Physician in Quetta, Islamabad or other main cities of Pakistan via and get your potassium levels tested.

Muscular Pain:

Inadequate potassium levels can lead you to suffer from muscle cramps, particularly cramps in legs and arms. When you are potassium deficient, cells of your muscles fail to function effectively and cause cramps. Involuntary muscle twitches can be a sign of potassium deficiency.
muscular pain


Yes, it appears to be a wacky sign, but insufficient potassium levels can dwindle other body functions, especially your digestive system followed by bloating and abdominal cramping. Of course, a potassium deficiency isn’t the only thing that can make you feel puffier than usual. So, consult a Doctor for other possible diagnoses. You can also find and consult with the best gastroenterologist in Karachi or Lahore to rule out any serious cause of gastric troubles.

Fainting & Dizziness:

Being fainting could be a sign of potassium deficiency. Low levels of potassium not only affect your blood pressure and heartbeat adversely but also lead to low energy production. So, you may feel dizzy or faint while living an active life.
potassium for heart

Heart Palpitations:

Irregular heartbeat or palpitations make you restless and it can be due to potassium deficiency. Potassium plays an important role in regulating your blood pressure, which tends to affect your heartbeat directly. Consult with the best cardiologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other city via to find relief from heart troubles.

Tingling & Numbness:

Potassium helps keep your nerves healthy, and without it, you may experience that annoying pins and needles sensation. If you find yourself in the situation, Log on & Book an online appointment with the best Nutritionist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan to ask for the good healthy diet that eases this tingling sensation.

If you experience any of these 05 signs & symptoms of potassium deficiency, consult a qualified physician to get rid of it through or you may read out our Health blog for more thought-provoking topics.

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