How Water can be Life Threatening!

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Drink carefully, healthiest can be dangerous.

Water, nature’s blessing, is vital for life survival. Without water, no life can exist, but in some forms it turns its face and becomes life-threatening. Yes, you read the correct sentence; life giving potion can snatch it also if it exists in following forms.

Benefits of Consuming Water Regularly

Distilled Water:

Mostly considered as safe and healthy but actually it’s not. Distilled water is so pure, that is really harmful. Actually, it loses its potency to awake immune response as it has no mild antigens in it, in result your immune system forgets how to generate antibodies against invading germs and more infections will be your companion. This is not all, distillation process also takes the vital nutrients away and you drink just a bare potion.

Distilled Water

Bottled Water:

During the journey, in your work field or in school most people take water in plastic bottles for safe water intake. But they are doing wrong. Plastic bottles are composed of dangerous chemicals which invade in water, reach to your gut and cause severe intestinal or stomach problems. Some stomach issues are severe enough to become life-threatening. To take help from best stomach doctors in Lahore you can visit, as Lahore residents are suffering more stomach disorders. bottled water become more hazardous if it is kept under sunshine or heat as both these factors induce plastic chemicals disruption and water contamination.

Overnight Kept Water:

If you are in habit of storing water overnight or for 24 hours then immediately stop this action. Overnight stay is enough time for disease-causing microorganisms to enter and grow in water. This happens even the container is closed one. No household utensil is sterilized enough and mostly burdened with certain microorganisms which enter in water and multiply. The more time for them means more number of them and till morning shine they become enough. According to a study, overnight kept water is filled with hundreds of germs colonies.

Overnight Kept Water

  • For healthy life, water intake is necessary but take the natural potion in fresh form.

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