What Are The Guidelines For Authentic Online Consultation With Doctor?

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Working, traveling, or just sitting on a sofa. You can get sick anywhere and it’s not your fault. Relating to this today I have a story to share. It might be possible that you are not very fond of stories but some stories can really change our lives.

I was traveling with my family from Karachi to Lahore and suddenly my mother started complaining about the pain in the chest. According to her past history, she had an angioplasty a year ago. So now it was a critical situation. “Imagine yourself traveling in the train and your loved once started complaining about the pain. You are hopeless and helpless. What would you do?”

Yes! It was something really serious until the person sitting next to us acknowledged us with a very fruitful tip and that was “online consultation with cardiologist”. It wasn’t sound very trustworthy until that person shared his own experience and a very amazing platform that could help us in that fast-moving train. Would surely reveal the name of that platform but continue the story first.

So now we had some ambiguities regarding that online consultation which were solved by following some really simple steps and those steps were.

Patients reviews.

We had to choose the doctor and we had doubt about authenticity. On that platform, we read all the reviews of patients and it somehow convinced us about the authenticity. Obviously, thousands of people won’t lie about a doctor.

Doctor’s qualification.

There was a detail information about doctor’s qualification and availability. Luckily there were so many doctors were available to help us. I was amazed to see such qualified doctors under one umbrella.


Fee rate was mentioned below the profile of every doctor and the most convinced thing about the budget was “Reasonable and pocket-friendly”. Payment criteria were also very easy that include bank transfer, and easy paisa.

User-friendly results.

Lastly, when I booked an appointment within less time I got confirmation and a doctor was available to help. My mother just had some gastric issue and she is doing really well. Video call with the doctor really convinced me that “not all heroes wear caps sometimes they wear an overcoat as well”.
Let’s just reveal the name of the platform so that next time you can also avail the service with full confidence. MARHAM helped me out when there was no hope at all. So the next time if you are in an emergency do not forget to keep these tips to book an online consultation with an authentic, generous and easily accessible doctor.

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