What Can Trigger A Migraine?

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Waking up in the morning with a severe headache either on one side of the head or full head can bring a tear in your eyes. Yes! Its migraine and it is here to ruin your whole day. Headache and migraine are different from other we cannot interrelate it. A Headache is often curable and gets the start at any time zone of the day but a headache is so clingy.

Yet scientists are not able to find the specific reason for a migraine but there are some conditions that can be considered as the reason behind a headache. You can consult with the best neurologist in case of emergency.

Skipping meal.

Breakfast is the first essential part of the day. Those who think that skipping breakfast can make you look cool are totally wrong. They are pushing themselves towards diseases. One of the major reason behind a migraine is skipping breakfast or meal. It lowers your blood sugar level and thus causes a migraine. You can consult with the best neurologist in case of emergency.

Preservatives and Sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners are always a bad option. Instead of it, you can use less sugar but the original one. Aspartame is a sweetener that mostly triggers a migraine. Other than this, using food with preservatives can also be a cause. It can also cause cancer.

Hormonal Changes.

Women mostly suffer monthly with hormonal changes. These changes not only causes mood swings but also a cause of severe pain. It can happen in menstruation period as well.

Sleeping disorder.

Those who are having a disturbance in sleeping routine are surely suffered from headache fever and pain. Good sleep is always important for good mind. If your mind is not relaxed then it gives you peace.

Family history.

Some people have inherited the problem of a migraine. Yes! It can get travel to generation but still, these are rare happenings. Those who have a family history cannot effectively cure it often. You can consult with the best neurologist in case of emergency.


Sometimes the intake of excessive medicine can also put you in severe pain. It is always recommended that one must not use medicine without prescription this in one of the major reason behind it. Wrong medications can be fatal as well.

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