What Causes White Hair At A Young Age?

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It is quite common for your hair to turn into white as you get older. But it seems strange to some people when they see a younger person with white hair. As a younger person, some people have black, red, blonde, and brown hair which is perfectly fine but white or gray hair is an unexpected change. For some people, it looks graceful and for some it’s unacceptable. There are different causes of prematurely grey hair and if you find one or more strands of White Hair in your head then look at these most common causes and find out yours. You can also consult with the best dermatologist for a further consultation.


The most common explanation of premature grey hair is genetics. If you notice your white hair at an early age, then it is possible your parents or grandparents also had white hair at a young age. There is a big role of genetics and you can’t change it.

2.Autoimmune Diseases:

Certain autoimmune diseases can also cause the hair to whiten. This happens when the body’s immune system attacks its own cells. Alopecia totalis and vitiligo are one of those autoimmune disorders which cause the pigment-making cells to be destroyed. As a result, such conditions affect the skin and can also lead to the whitening of hair.


Stress has never been good to your overall well-being. Chronic stress can cause sleep problems, change in appetite, high blood pressure, and anxiety. And for your information, stress can also affect your hair. So if you notice a number of white hairs at your young age then your stress might be the culprit.

4.Thyroid Disorder:

Thyroid problems like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism are caused by hormonal changes. Such conditions may also be responsible for your white hair at a young age. If you want your hair to remain black for a longer period, take special care of your thyroid health because the health of your thyroid can influence the color of your hair. Book an online appointment with the best endocrinologist for thyroid issues.


If you’re a smoker then it is possible for you to develop white hair at a young age. Yes! There is also a link between premature white hair and smoking. Toxins in a cigarette can damage parts of your body including hair follicles which can cause early white hair.

The possibility to reverse or prevent white hair depends on the cause. If the cause of your white hair is genetics then there is nothing you can do to prevent it. However, if you suspect a health problem causing white hair, then consult with the specialist and get the right prescription.  You can find and consult with the best dermatologist in Pakistan.

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