What Is Actually DEPRESSION? Why It Is Common?

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Depression is the most common mental illness. It is dangerous than other mental illnesses like
brain tumor because patients are not aware or in denial of its presence. It hinders the person’s
ability to think straight, causes sudden mood swings, long pause/silence, lost in interest in
activities of life etc. Every 1 in 15 persons are suffering from it. There are different types of

Major Type.

Dysthymia is a major type of depression which lasts more than two years. It is a severe type and
includes small episodes of mood change. Postpartum Depression appears in 6 women after
child birth and results in complete disconnection with babies, anxiety, shouting and blaming
others. Psychotic Depression causes delusions and hallucinations and patient see and hear things
which do not exist. Seasonal Affective Depression, the seasonal change causes it. Research has
proved that this type is more common in regions with longer winters/less sun. Bipolar Disorder
is also included in the list because it also includes the sever episodes of mood swings.
There are different reasons which cause depression in people. It’s chances are higher in people
with its family history, some trauma in past, physical or mental illness (diabetes, heart problems,
HIV etc), reaction of drug, alcohol, relationship glitches, personal failures or change in the biochemistry of the brain cells.

Signs and Symptoms.

The signs of depression vary which includes insomnia, mood swings, aggression, anxiety,
isolation, low self-esteem, lack of energy, physical problems and recurring suicidal and murder
thoughts. Depression is a complete curable mental disorder; its treatment depends on its type and
level of illness. Before starting, the treatment doctors ensure that the signs are lasting for more
than two weeks to confirm its existence and not confuse it with anxiety. Before starting the
treatment doctors go to the root cause of the problem and its stage.
Doctors start the proper medication to eradicate the problem and patients are advised to be
honest about its origin and takes medicine (antidepressants) for a longer advised time to avoid its
future episodes. Psychotherapy, the most popular and preferred one also known as talking
therapy is used along with antidepressants, in which patients are encouraged to cry their heart out
and share their problems. If above-mentioned therapies won’t work then Electroconvulsive
therapy is given twice or thrice a week, in which current is given to stimulate the brain cells. It is
led by the most competent team of doctors.


The best way to avoid depression is to invest in relations, the love and care coming from the
loved ones can eliminate depression. Depression can be very danger

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