What is Epilepsy? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment.

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There are many diseases which most of us are unaware. Epilepsy is one of the states which may be common but we have very few knowledge. Epilepsy can occur in any gender and any race. This is a state in which the central nervous system (neurological) disease. In this disease, the brain becomes abnormal and work in a very abnormal way which often results in seizures, sensations, and unusual behavior.

Most of us mix this disease as an abnormality or superficial behavior. Actually, it is just a medical illness. Here are the symptoms, causes, and treatment briefly explained to know more about epilepsy. You can also book the best neurologist in Lahore from Marham.pk


Symptoms can vary. Some patients feel seizures only and during these seizures, they stare at a thing for long. Other major symptoms include:

    • Unconsciousness or less awareness. In other words loss of consciousness.
    • Fear and anxiety.
    • Temporary confusions.
    • Episodes of seizures.
brain diseases
brain diseases


Genetically issue
This disease mostly causes due to genetic reasons. Some of this disease is directly related to specific genes.
Infectious diseases
There are some infectious diseases that can cause epilepsy which includes AIDS and meningitis.
Head injury
In any kind of accident brain injury can occur which can result in epilepsy.
Prenatal injury
Those babies who suffer from an injury during pregnancy period or delivery can be the patient of epilepsy. You can also book the best neurologist in Karachi from Marham.pk


This is a critical chronic condition so there is no treatment other than a consultancy with doctors. Now the thing to know is that when to see a doctor. There are some conditions which strictly need a doctor’s visit. If the patient feels seizure more than five minutes, high fever, second seizure immediately occur, and injury during seizures. You can also book the best neurologist in Pakistan from Marham.pk


There are some severe risk factors included in epilepsy. To avoid these risk factor patient must not take these seizure easy and see a doctor immediately.

Few Most Popular Neurologists:

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