What Is Fatty Liver? Types And Treatments

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“Fatty liver” so it is almost clear from its name fatness on the liver. There is two type of fatty liver. Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic fatty liver. Both types are fatal but alcoholic one is worst. Fatty liver can lead to many other diseases. There is another situation that is many other chronic diseases if not handled carefully can lead to fatness on the liver. Here are the types and result of fatness on the liver that must be highlighted to aware people.

Alcoholic Fatty Liver.

Those who are badly addicted to alcohol intake can suffer from this type of fatness on the liver. This worst type of disease is more like a poison. It can lead to jaundice, hepatitis, skin issues, abdominal pain, and fever. Its symptoms include.

    • High blood pressure in the liver.
    • Bleeding in the body.
    • Liver failure.
    • Change in behavior.
    • Enlarged spleen.

Fatty liver is the initial stage that can turn into alcoholic hepatitis. In short alcohol addiction can is another way of welcoming two fatal and horrible diseases. You can consult with a Liver specialist and even ensure the privacy of your addiction before it gets too late.

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver.

It means though you have fat on your liver it is a bit early stage and you can cure it. Still, this disease also has some worst results that include.

    • Fibrosis. Scarring of the liver.
    • Cirrhosis. Scarring which leads to liver failure.
    • Liver cancer.

Possible Treatments of Fatty Liver.

Fatness on the liver is a chronic disease and can get worse if not treated on time. One can at least reduce it by following cautions.

    • Avoid using alcoholic beverages.
    • Lose weight and control obesity.
    • Control blood sugar level.
    • Manage cholesterol with blood sugar level.
    • Increase physical activity.
    • Add good food like vegetables and blood thickening food.

A healthy lifestyle is not only important for fatness on liver patients but for every person. This is not a choice but a must thing for everyone.

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