What is Ovarian Cancer, Here are Its Symptoms, Causes And Risk Factors

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What is Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian Cancer is common cancer these days. After breast cancer, this is one of the common cancer among women. There are two ovaries in a woman’s body. These ovaries play an important part in reproduction because it produces eggs. These organs are located at the womb and connected to the uterus.

Most of the time ovarian cancer affect the ladies who are above 50 and going through menopause. In the rare case, it can also occur in young ladies as well. Early stage this is curable but obviously, it can affect other organs as well.

In Pakistan ovarian cancer is spreading day by day. There is a number of reasons behind this widespread cancer. In this article, we are going to discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatments of ovarian cancer.

Let’s start it with the major symptoms of this cancer. To book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Karachi or any other city you can visit Marham.pk.

ovarian cancer symptoms

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer:

There are some common symptoms that need serious attention because they can result in ovarian cancer. These symptoms are the following.

  • Bloated tummy.
  • Swelling in the tummy.
  • Discomfort in the pelvic area.
  • Pain in the tummy.
  • Frequently need to pee.
  • Full after just eating a little.
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Tired all the time.
  • Continuous weight loss.

These symptoms can be present for any other disease but if you are ignoring it then it can create trouble for you in the future. Most of the time we do not consider little symptoms as a major one and ignore it. Ignoring such symptoms can lead to heavy loss.


Other than this many of us are unaware of the basic reasons for this cancer. Yet many reasons are not specified. Some of the reasons are common which include.

Age Factor:

When ladies reach the age of 50 or above there are chances to get an attack with this cancer. Most of the time this is the only reason for ovarian cancer. In the stage of menopause majority of ladies have chances of ovarian cancer.

Family History:

In most of the cancer case family, history plays an important role. Genetic diseases have more chances to get converted into another generation. Same is the situation with ovarian cancer. Out of 10, every 1 woman have a chance to diagnose with cancer through family history. To book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Lahore or any other city you can visit Marham.pk.

Hormone Replacement Therapy:

There are more chances to get affected with ovarian cancer with hormone replacement therapy. It is recommended that to stop the risk of this cancer one must also stop taking HRT right away.

There are many other risk factors that can lead to being the cause of this cancer and some of them are as follows.

  • Obesity and being overweight in elderly age most of the time lead to cancer because it can enhance the formation of tissues that can cause cancer.
  • Smoking in ladies can lead to ovarian and breast cancer.
  • Any internal surgery can also be the cause of cancer.


There are four treatments for these kinds of cancer which include chemotherapy, surgery, radiology and clinical trial.

Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer


In ovarian cancer sometimes we need to remove the organ. The reason behind this surgery is to control the disease to spread in other organs. It depends on the condition of cancer whether it is on either ovaries or just one. In some cases, the patient needs to remove both of the ovaries and a layer of fatty tissue from the tummy.


In this therapy, medications are used to kill the cancerous cell. These therapies need long procedure depending upon the condition of cancer. In chemotherapy just because of heavy medication and radiation patient may lose their hair, health, weight, and appetite as well. But it can be the cure of the disease.


With beam and radiations, cancer can be cured. This procedure can be used after surgery and chemotherapy when there are chances that cancer can rise again.


Although cancer is something not to take lightly some major preventions that everyone must know which include.

Avoid contraceptive pills:

Birth control pills can be dangerous in so many ways. It can lead to ovary cancer as well. To avoid excessive use of these pills.

Gynecological Surgery:

Avoid gynecological surgery and most importantly those surgeries which are directed related to vaginal issues. Surgeries are only recommended when there are more complications.

Family Planning Strategies:

Women must alternate their family planning methodology and consult with the best doctor before taking any pills. These pills are not the right option at all.

When To See a Gynecologist And How?

If you are feeling any symptom from above you must visit a gynecologist right away. In this situation, you can book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Pakistan from Marham.pk. You can also ask a question while keeping your privacy safe from Marham Forum.

Few Most Popular Gynecologists in Pakistan:

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