What Is The Link Between COVID-19 and Heart Issues?

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COVID-19 has got us thinking about many things that we have never thought of before. Every passing day brings us a new thing to think about. Who is most likely to fall prey? who is at risk? what will we do?. There are so many questions going on in our minds, still unanswered. Who will answer them and how? Everyone is unsure of it.
As we were getting familiar with the fact that COVID-19 will be around for a while and while everyone was still adjusting, we were introduced to a new issue. COVID-19 patients dying of cardiac arrest.

Why The Heart Damage?

In earlier March, doctors from China published a few studies that gave the first glimpse at how prevalent cardiac problems were among patients with COVID-19 illness.
The study proved that out of 416 hospitalised patients, 19% were found with heart issues. 51% of those with heart damage died versus 4.5% who did not have it.
It is extremely important to answer the question: Is their heart being affected by the virus and can we do something about it?
According to the doctors, they were only thinking about the lungs, how to save them and then all of a sudden, they began to hear about the potential direct impact on the heart. Consequently, along with all other doctors, cardiologists were called in too.

People With Pre-existing Heart Issues

Hearing this, many people with preexisting heart issues found themselves puzzled. According to the doctors, patients who had heart disease before their coronavirus infections were much more likely to show heart damage afterwards as well. But some patients with no previous heart disease also showed signs of severe cardiac damage. In fact, also the patients with no preexisting heart conditions who experienced heart damage during their infection were more likely to die than patients with previous heart disease. Overall, injury to the heart muscle can happen in any patient with or without heart disease, but the risk is higher in those who already have heart disease. This is exactly the reason why the elderly and people with pre-existing health issues are especially asked to stay inside.

A Word From Marham

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It is important for us to understand the seriousness of this situation. If we’ll not behave like responsible citizens, no one will come to our rescue.

Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Healthy.

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