What It Means To Love A Woman With PCOS

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She’s moody and sick all the time, always hungry and craving but mad at the same time as she cannot eat everything that she wants. There have been times when she lost the will to live, unable to understand what she’s going through. You don’t know how she struggles because of having disturbed feminine functions and this thought rips her apart. She hides her sorrows and insecurities behind her beautiful smile. Think of that woman, the one who’s going through all of it.

In Pakistan, every 1 in 3 women is a victim of PCOS because of which she cannot become pregnant. This issue has struck women like a wave and on top of that, it doesn’t have a proper cure which makes awareness and guidance even more important. You need to stick with that woman, and Marham has empowered every such woman by building Marham PCOS Online Clinic as well as giving them awareness.

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We request the men out there to stay by your side. Support and fight for you. Trust your woman when she says she’s doing everything not only for her sake but also for you. Never get tired of her and cheer her up. And in this, don’t lose the sight of a beautiful future together. Don’t pressure her to get better because PCOS is not a petty condition that one can get over it. In some cases, it almost takes a woman’s lifetime to prevent the symptoms.

I hope that you never stop seeing that wonderful woman despite her condition. Be reminded that her body, her hormones, her anxiety, her ability to conceive don’t determine the worth she has.

Always love her, unconditionally.

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Fahad Salman
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