What Makes Your Hair And Nails Grow Fast?

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Are you in search of tips by which your hair and nails grow fast? Do you want to know about some vitamins that can help you to grow your hair and nails? Spare your two minutes and know the amazing facts about your hair and nails.

Nails and hair are the fastest-growing tissues in your body. The fingernails grow four times faster than toenails. And the nails of the dominant hand grow faster than the other hand. On the other hand, hair growth is much more than nails.

Difference Between Hair and Nails:

To know the link between hair and nails, you should know the composition of hair and nails. The hair and nail protein are the same as that are Keratin. The hair shaft is formed of keratin, a hard and strong protein. Similarly, your nails are also made of keratin, but the only difference between hair and nails is the dense keratin present in nails. That’s why nails are more rigid than hair.

Correlation Between Hair and Nail Growth:

Usually, people with good nail growth have also good hair growth. Because it is a sign of good nourishment and health. If your body is healthy, your hair and nails show proper and fast growth.

Which Vitamins Are Good For Hair and Nails?

Your health and diet determine the growth of your hair and nails. Mineral sulfur in the body helps in producing keratin and vitamin A to help your body absorb protein in a proper way. And build your nails and hair. Vitamin C, B2, B7, and vitamin E are all beneficial for healthy tissues and will make your hair stronger, healthier, and grow at a fast rate.

These all vitamins can be found in foods. So it is better to consume them as food instead of supplements.

What Foods Are Excellent For Nail Growth?


Eggs are a substantial source of biotin, vitamin B12, D, and protein. They are a complete package for your nail growth. Eating daily one egg gives you multiple minerals and vitamins.


They are rich in biotin and give strength to your nails. Try to include kidney beans in your daily meals as they are a rich source of vitamins and protein.

Sunflower Seeds:

They are rich in vitamin B6, vitamin E, zinc, copper, and manganese. Sometimes, you feel ridges on your nails. This is because of the deficiency of manganese in your body. So eat the sunflower seeds that can help you make your nails strong.


Oats are also very good for your nails as they are rich in micronutrients like copper and zinc.


Fish is a rich source of fats, protein, and vitamins. That’s why its use is recommended to have wonderful hair and nails.

What Are Some Important Haircare Remedies?

Your hair needs your attention more than any other part of your body. It directly relates your diet to your hair growth. Here are some important hair care remedies you should know;


Oiling with coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc is very good for your hair. It increases the blood circulation towards your scalp and reduces dandruff. That helps in good hair growth.

Yogurt and Egg:

A mixture of yogurt and egg is a good mask for your hair. It provides protein and vitamins to your roots of the hair. On the other hand, the lactic acid in yogurt reduces the amount of dandruff on your scalp.

Aloe Vera Gel:

It is a great remedy for your scalp and hair. It has strong antioxidant properties and rich in vitamins that helps in the growth of hair.

Onion Juice:

Onion juice promotes the growth of new hair on your scalp. It provides a high amount of sulfur to your hair that helps in producing keratin.

Your hair and nails are greatly affected by your diet. So it is important to focus on your diet when you are trying to grow your hair and nails.


FAQs Related to Hair and Nails Growth:

1. What does it say about your health if your hair and nails grow?

If your hair and nails grow, it means you have good health.

2. Are fast-growing fingernails a sign of good health?

Yes, fast-growing nails are a good sign of your health.

3. Why do my nails grow so fast?

It means you have a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Do nails and hair grow faster as one age?

In adults, hair and nails grow faster. But in older ages the growth becomes slow.

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