What To Do If You Need Blood Plasma For COVID-19 Patient

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Plasma therapy, a successful treatment for COVID-19 patients, is now being widely used around the world. Most of us are still unaware of what this treatment actually is. Here’s the answer for you!

Plasma Therapy is a simple premise. There are antibodies in the blood of the people who have recovered from an infection, be it COVID-19 or any other infections. Antibodies are molecules that have learned to recognise and fight the pathogens, such as viruses, that have caused the disease.

Doctors then take a specific amount of blood from the recovered patients and can separate plasma. One of the blood components that contain such antibodies, they examine and administer it to people whose bodies are currently fighting infectious disease. This can help their immune systems reject the pathogen more efficiently.

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As we are seeing a rapid increase in the COVID-19 patients in Pakistan, we know that apparently there’s no end to it. Let’s not lose hope and start helping people by connecting them to the right platform. Plasma therapy is our only hope and as now there are more than 60,000 cases, we’ll be needing a lot of donors in the future too. Be kind and generous to donate if you are a recovered patient and if you are a recipient, we’re here to help!. We have compiled these few methods by which you can reach many people efficiently.

Where Can You Find A Plasma From?

1. Post In MARHAM’Facebook Group & Other Communities

If you are a member of MARHAM’s Facebook group or any other group that might help you to reach potential donors, please post there. Post in as many groups as you can so you can get a quicker response. Marham’s Facebook group is very actively working to connect plasma donors and recipients. It is important that you make a post with your required blood group and contact number so people can reach out to you.

2. Use Twitter

Twitter is another very active and responsive platform to look for a blood plasma donor. Try doing a post on twitter with relevant hashtags and tag as many relevant platforms as you can to get a quick response.

3. Reach Out To Blood Donation NGOs

NGOs are also working efficiently to connect patients with plasma donors. Contact an NGO, if you do not have information on any relevant NGO, try looking up on the internet and you’ll find many.

4. Ask From Your Friends & Family

Try to stay in contact with your friends and family if you hear about any recovering COVID-19 patient because they might help you. Ask in your friend circle or family if there’s any donor that matches your blood group so they can donate you their plasma. It is important to stay updated about any relevant news because even if their blood group doesn’t match with yours, it can help someones else instead.

5. Keep Track Of Recovered Patients

If you come across posts in social media about COVID-19 patients and if they have recovered, they can be potential donors. Keep a track of such posts and contact them in case of need. If you’re helped by someone, share posts to help others find their donors too. This is the time when we should not only care for ourselves but for others too. It would be an understatement to say that sharing posts will not help anyone in this time, we don’t know how many we would’ve helped unintentionally.

A Word From Marham

The only ray of hope in this time for the COVID-19 patients is plasma therapy. Plasma therapy has worked for the majority of the patients and they have recovered. Be a helping hand in this time of need!

Do not leave your homes for fun as we are already running out of capacities in the hospitals! If you are facing an emergency situation or are in need to talk to a doctor, please opt for telemedicine services. Book an online consultation with a doctor by calling at 03111222398 or log on to Marham.pk to find a doctor for yourself.

The best we can do at this time is to keep ourselves and our families safe. We’re on our own.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

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