What To Do If You Witness A Car Accident?

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In a country like Pakistan, where rash driving is awfully common, it is very important to know how to deal with an emergency situation on roads such as car accidents. We see a number of unfortunate incidents happening on roads on regular basis and if we’re unfortunate enough to witness a bad Car Accident, then it is natural to want to do something. But before taking actions it is important to know some basics because wrong actions taken can put your life in dangers as well as others. To find and consult and consult with the best plastic surgeon in Karachi, visit Marham.pk.

1.Ensure Your Safety First:

It’s not selfishness but a sensibility. Don’t put yourself in danger and keep yourself safe. Don’t run up to the scene of a car crash because there is always a risk of fire or explosion.

2. Call Rescue Team For Help:

The biggest mistake we Pakistanis make is by assuming that someone has already called a rescue or ambulance. Never assume that and immediately call a rescue 1122 or local emergency numbers. Follow their instructions and provide them the address and relevant details.

3.Check On The Victims:

Once you’ve ensured that it’s safe to move toward the scene, check on the condition of the crash victims. Make sure they are okay and if there are conscious and want to come out of the car of their own then offer help. But it is always best to not move the injured because you could make the injury worse. You can help them emotionally and try to keep them calm and provide comfort by reassuring them that help is on the way.

4. Stay Calm On The Scene While You Wait:

Controlling your nerves and staying cool after you’ve witnessed a car accident is both necessary and important. Don’t engage in heating debates with the crowd and avoid taking part in any kind of conflict. You can always get an online consultation with the best psychologist in Pakistan through Marham.pk.

5. Don’t Perform Medical Treatment:

Don’t try to move the victims because if an injured person has suffered internal injuries, spinal injuries, or other complicated injuries, you could make the condition worsen by moving them. However, if you see a person is bleeding excessively then you can place a cloth (make sure it is clean to avoid the dangers of infection) over his wound to stop bleeding. But again it is highly recommended; do not perform any medical treatment, don’t be a hero, wait for the professional team to be arrived and let them do their job.

When the police arrive, don’t sneak out because you’re not the culprit but only an eyewitness. Provide the relevant facts and give your statement. Also, make sure you drive safely because witnessing a car accident can be frightening and this can leave a temporary negative effect on your mind. You can also find and consult with the best general surgeon in Pakistan on any other city of Pakistan through Marham.pk.

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