What Will Be The Consequences Of Easing Lockdown This Soon?

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As All of us have seen the mixed reaction of Pakistani people towards lockdown, it has been difficult for the government to manage it. Many people appreciated it. Lockdown is ou only hope unless we get a vaccine, it is the best way to control the spread. Social Distancing is important.

Moreover, unlike people appreciating it, we found people ripping apart the concept of social distancing and banging on masjid gates so they can pray.

With this type of behaviour, what is supposed to help us? the government? vaccines? doctors?. Nothing can help us out if that’s what our approach is. Misbehaving with the security officials and the healthcare workers will not lead us towards something good. Considering this, the government has decided to ease down the lockdown already, will it help us or not? Who knows.

Will People Still Be Careful About Social Distancing?

Social distancing is a concept very rarely understood by Pakistani people. Amid this pandemic where the most important thing to follow is social distancing, we’re out enjoying lives as nothing has happened. What makes us think we will be following proper precautionary measures when there’s an ease in the lockdown?.

To be very honest, social distancing is something you’ll rarely see being practised here. Let’s hope this virus goes away on its own because we won’t be following any precautionary measures, not anytime soon at least.

What Will Open Markets And Mosques End Us Up With?

When the most important thing followed should be distancing, use of masks and other measures, our people are out their wasting time fighting. The times utilized at homes praying are being used fighting with the security guys just because they aren’t letting us in to pray. With little to no distance in between, we’re being the perfect carriers of this disease and also, we’re taking it home too.a

Keeping Educational Institutes will help us or not?

Focusing only on educational institutes and shutting them down for longer periods are or no help unless we take care of other things too. The other things being a strict check on gatherings in mosques and other areas should be monitored.

The consequences of gatherings apart from schools will end up showing the same results as of opening up schools. People who are a part of gathering also bring home the coronavirus germs that we’re trying to avoid by keeping our children home.

Is COVID-19 taken seriously In Pakistan?

COVID-19, by far one of the greatest pandemic hitting the world is merely a piece of breaking news to our people. Not only in Pakistan but in various other countries, people have yet not decided to take it seriously. Having a day out at malls ad the beaches may not end us up in a good situation.

Similarly in Pakistan, people are out in markets and also are not very much serious about what the consequences can be. Watching this behaviour around makes me sick to my stomach. What will the outcome be? We still don’t know.

A Word From Marham

Team Marham is working hard to provide you with the best and in return what do we need?. We need you to stay indoors, keep yourselves and your family safe. Wait for it to be over as there’s much more to celebrate once we’re out of this situation. Stay home and in case of any medical need, call us at 03111222398 to book an online consultation.
Practice staying home and staying safe.
We’ll fight this together.

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