What You can Do for a Young and Smart Brain

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To age well you need more than that anti-aging cream you have bought. Yes looking good is equally important but there is more to it. Here we are talking about how you can keep your brain young and smart as you age. Have a look at these and let us know which ones you are following.


Music has math! Yes, to find out how one notes related to other your brain has to work. This is good for keeping it sharp. Listening to new songs can boost your memory, elevate your mood and keep you alert. So keep checking what’s topping the charts for the sake of your brain.
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A Good Laugh:

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol. Increased levels of this hormone can hinder clear thinking. To relieve stress a good laugh can help. watch a comedy or play with kids to avoid troubles with your memory and learning.

Go Outdoors:

Nature has a calming effect. So, head outside whenever you have a chance. It helps to give your brain a break from a constant flow of stimulus and data. It can help to make you more creative and focused.


When you learn a new skill your brain creates new pathways between its cells. The tougher it is for you to get the hang of a skill the better it is for your intelligence. Learn to play a new instrument, or a new paper folding technique and help your brain stay young.
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Get to know more people and make new friends for a healthy brain. How does it help? In making new acquaintances your brain has to work as much as it does for a crossword puzzle. The skills that get sharped include short-term memory, staying focused and tune out distractions.

Don’t Multitask:

Watching TV, texting and checking social media at a time might seem like a norm these days but it is not good for your brain. It hampers your ability to focus and affects memory. So do one thing at a time.
Meditate, break a sweat and maintain a healthy diet to keep your brain sharp. You wouldn’t be a very cool grandparent if you forget their names every time.

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