While Monsoon ends; Beware Dengue Is On Its Ways

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Who doesn’t hate the buzz of mosquitoes? There sound not only disturb our sleep but mosquitoes can make us suffer from deadly disease; Dengue. Dengue is a viral infection caused by an infected mosquito. Number of patients suffering from it increases once monsoon is about to end. If it’s not treated on time it can become life threatening. Some of the visible symptom of it includes; Break Bone Fever along with red rashes. If you feel such symptoms consult physician as soon as possible.

Prevention is always better than cure. Marham is here to provide you with some useful tips that can help you prevent yourself from this savage infection.

Stagnant water

Mosquito’s’ favorite place to breed is on stagnant water. Children are more vulnerable to Dengue as they play outside or are more expose to places that have stagnant water such as parks, gardens or even at home etc. Mommies take note, in houses don’t let water stand for long hours. Cover water containers, Water buckets, empty flower pots etc.

Mosquito repellents

There are quite effective repellents present in the market that can be applied to the skin to get away from mosquitoes. Apply it on to your skin as well as your kids to save yourself from deadly mosquitoes. Moreover mosquito killer sprays are also very effective, use them in your house to stay protected.

Cover up

Cover yourself when you go out. Make your kids wear long-sleeved shirts and full-pants instead of shorts and three quarters. Avoid wearing sandals instead wear closed-toe shoes.

Net Screened Windows

Windows with a layer of net can be very useful for providing ventilation along with protecting your house from entering mosquitoes.

Lemon and Cloves

One of the effective tips is to keep lemon and cloves along your bed side or any place in the house. It works as a natural mosquito repellent. All you have to do is cut lemon into halves, insert few pieces of cloves inside it and here you go. Say bye to mosquitoes.

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