White Hairs: All You Must Know About Its Causes and Hair Care

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One of the most serious problems of the current times is to be fit in looks and personality, which means every small detail from dressing to facial looks, should be perfect to be a successful member of the society, and this struggle is more keenly done especially by women. The appearance of silver, grey or white hairs is the sign of old age and downfall and when those hair start to appear at a young age they have a negative impact on the self-reliance, appearance, self-opinion, self-esteem and social acceptance of the individual in the society.

Silver, grey or white hairs are said to be premature when they start growing before the approximate age of 30 years. There are a couple of misconceptions about how to treat them which leads to more damaging. Below we will discuss these few misconceptions.

Misconceptions On How To Treat Silver Hair

Dye Them:

One of the biggest mistakes which are also the easiest solution people do is covering those silver, grey or white hairs with black dye or concealing it with other colours which in turn make more hair turn silver, grey or white.

Plucking Them Out:

Another mistake done by youngsters having premature silver, grey or white hairs is plucking them out. When they see a silver, grey or white hairs they just go ahead and pluck it out but what they don’t realize is that plucking them will, in turn, create more hair like that.

Reasons For Hairs Turning Silver

Lack of Melanin:

The foremost reason for premature silver, grey or white hairs is the lack of production of Melanin. Melanin is the hormone which is responsible for the production of hairs colour. This lack in production is due to either a severe sickness that you had in the past or an allergy or severe trauma that affected the mental health of the person.

Usage of Hair Colors/Dye:

Another reason is the usage of hairs colours for having different looks, thus ultimately affecting the hydrogen peroxide level which naturally bleaches the colour of hairs making them turn silver, grey or white.

Improper Diet:

Another major reason is improper diet. Lack of proper nutrients and especially lack of Vitamin B-12 can cause hairs to turn silver, grey or white. Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 can cause different problems of thyroid and pituitary glands as well which result in the imbalance of hormones and results in hair having such colours.

Genetic Disorder:

One more reason is a genetic disorder. This disorder can be a family disorder which can be found either in both parents or one of the parents and can also be a result of gene mutation due to severe sickness or trauma affecting the genetic composition.


Smoking or prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can also be a reason for the production of such hairs.


Things which most of the people do not know is how to treat silver, grey or white hairs. Below are some solutions that can help you in combating the issue of having such premature hairs.

Visit a Dermatologist:

The first and foremost solution is to visit a dermatologist and get a check-up of your body hormones. The prescribed medicine by the specialist will help in balancing hormones and the normal production of melanin thus producing the natural hairs colour and restoring the former confidence of the person.

Proper Intake of Nutrition:

Another solution of preventing premature hairs is proper intake of nutrition. Especially foods that provide vitamin E and B-12 which can be found excessively in eggs, fish, chicken, beef, yoghurt, cheese etc. Multi-Vitamin tablets can also provide the necessary balance for the deficiency of essential nutrients (Multi-Vitamin tablets are provided by the doctors according to individual need).

Minimum or No-Usage of Hair Dye:

The third solution depends on the use of different things including less or no usage of hairs dye and if used, then proper care of the hairs should be taken to give them the nutrients they need, usage of heat protection creams for the hair and discontinuation of habits like smoking etc.

Massaging Scalp:

Another solution that can restrict the growth of premature silver, grey or white hairs is massaging the scalp regularly with different and nutritious oils to nourish them and promote healthy growth.

After giving the basic necessities needed by your body and health some things still cannot be reversed so one should not be ashamed of whom he/she is, and should always have the confident look that no matter how I am. I am who I am, hence he/she should embrace it not as their weakness but as their trait and the society needs to accept it as it is.

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