Why COVID-19 is Exceptionally Dangerous for High Blood Pressure Patients?

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Research so far tells us that COVID-19 can prove to be life-threatening for the elderly and people with certain health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. It is known by now that people with high blood pressure can get the coronavirus infection readily than others, experience severe symptoms, have serious complications and the fatality rate is higher in them compared to others.

Here we will discuss why COVID-19 poses an exceptional danger to the health of hypertension patients and what are the CDC recommendations for them to stay safe?

HTN and COVID-19

The risk for high blood pressure patients for getting affected with COVID-19 is 6% higher than others. Of the most common complications of this novel virus, one is pneumonia and can also damage heart tissues. High blood pressure weakens heart tissues and damages arteries. This effect may then be further pronounced by COVID-19 which also causes damage to heart tissues. This virus can cause inflammation of the heart called myocarditis which makes it harder for the heart to pump.

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Having plaque build up in arteries is another risk factor that due to the presence of the virus can propagate to a heart attack. This is because the virus breaks off the plague which can block arteries and can bring about serious consequences.

Precautions You Must Practice

You need to practice precautions just like any other person to stay safe from COVID-19. Here is the advice for high blood pressure patients to stay safe and healthy amid COVID-19:

  • Keep your blood pressure under control by regularly taking medicines you are prescribed with.
  • Have your medicines for blood pressure and flu stocked in a moderate amount.
  • Steer clear of crowded places.
  • Do not go near anyone with symptoms like flu, fever, and cough.
  • Keep washing hands frequently with plenty of soap and warm water.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Regularly disinfect all high touch surfaces.
  • Take dietary precautions to keep your blood pressure under control. You can Consult Dietitian/Nutritionist online to have a customized diet plan.
  • If at any time you need to see a doctor prefer using telemedicine before going to the hospital. Use marham.pk to consult doctors online. Keep in mind online consultation cannot cater to your needs in case of emergency situations.
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