Why Is Depression More Common In Women Than In Men?

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Mental health is as much important as physical health. There are numbers of different mental disorders that are snatching inner peace from people. It is very important to seek immediate professional help to deal with any mental health issue. Depression is one of the most common and serious mental health issues. It is affecting many people in Pakistan and still some of them are reluctant to seek treatment. It is more commonly reported in women than in men and people are curious to know the right reason behind this.

There are different factors that contribute to affecting mental health and if women are experiencing depression more than men then there must be some valid reasons behind this, let’s find out:

Gender Differences In Hormones:

It has been noted that women experience more depression in their reproductive years, between the ages of 25 to 44 years of age. Hormonal changes and hormonal risk factors may play a major role in developing depression in women. There are hormones named estrogen and progesterone that have been shown to affect neurotransmitter, neuroendocrine, and circadian systems. All these systems are concerned with mood disorders. Women often suffer from mood disorders that are associated with their menstrual cycle. Apart from this, there are also some other hormonal factors that may contribute to a woman’s risk for depression.

Gender Differences In Terms Of Socialization:

It has also been found by researchers that gender differences in socialization could also play a role in developing depression in women. It is a fact that women are socialized by their parents and teachers to be more encouraging and receptive to the opinion of others, while men are encouraged to develop a greater sense of mastery, bossy, and independence in their life. The dominating attitude and behavior of men are leading women towards greater depression and isolation. Women also need independence and to be heard by others but society doesn’t accept such women and you know the rest.

Marriage, Childbirth, Loneliness:

There are some women who are alone and need someone in their life to whom they can share their feelings and emotions. Such women are more prone to develop this disease. Late marriages are also one of the biggest factors. However, married women have a lower rate of depression than those living alone but unhappily married women also have the highest rates of this. According to a study, approximately 10% – 15% of women get postpartum depression. The postpartum depression mostly occurs in new mothers within the first year after the birth of their new child.

Family History Of Depression:

Women are at high risk of developing this disease than men if they have had someone in their family with the history of depression. Women are emotionally weak and sensitive while men are quite strong as compared to women. Also, it is easier for men to find an escape from any negative thoughts roaming in their mind whereas women find it difficult to get rid of negative and frustrating thoughts.

It is true that women have a high rate of developing this than men. But still, it can affect anyone at any time. Mental health is not something to be taken for granted. It should be treated on time and fortunately, depression is a very treatable disease. So, always seek professional help and for that, you can consult with the best psychiatrist.

Few Most Popular Psychiatrist:

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