Why Is E-Cigarettes Trend Common In Lahore And Islamabad?

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Nicotine is nothing more than an addiction. There is no good logic for the consumption of nicotine. For consumption of anything, we need a reason and sadly, in the case of nicotine that is consumed by cigarettes, there is no logical reason. It just gives us a boost to get rid of dizziness and laziness. Otherwise, there are so many reasons that convince to quit this habit right away.

The Trend of e-cigarettes started when people encourage themselves that e-cigarettes are less harmful rather than normal cigarettes. Actually, there is no reality in this statement. Recently, researchers proved that these cigarettes can also cause mouth cancer and other hazards. One can easily find a good oncologist for cancer treatment in Islamabad or any other city of Pakitan.

In Pakistan specifically in Islamabad and Lahore trend of E-cigarettes like vape pens are rising continuously. But this needs to stop because e-cigarettes are also dangerous for health.


Do you really know that what is your vape pen is made up of and how it works? It is reusable and portable device use in the form of vape, cigar, and pipe. It was claimed these cigarettes are safe and you can use it to quit the addiction of actual cigarettes but later researchers proved it wrong. 

Latest Research

In January 2018, the latest research claims and proved how nitrosamines that are present in e-cigarettes can damage DNA. It also damages the lungs and increases the risk of lungs cancer too. After this research, many other researchers agreed with the fact that these cigarettes are the no longer safe solution to alternate the addition of cigarettes.

Risk Factors

There is a need to highlight the risk factors of using e-cigarettes thus its consumption especially in the youth of our country can be reduced.

    • It contains nicotine that can harm the nerves and could be extremely dangerous during pregnancy especially.
    • The flavoring of e-cigarettes is also dangerous because they actually create more attraction for vaping in young people.
    • It can later compel the youth to consume tobacco and other addictive things like cigarettes and other drugs.
    • It can cause mouth cancer and heart disease for sure.

We can quit the addiction. All we need is some courage and support. People do make the excuse that quitting cigarettes is difficult but it’s not impossible.

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