Why Is Free Time Important For Kids? – Signs Your Child Is Overscheduled

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Today’s kids are busy or should I say super busy that sometimes they don’t even get time to sit and just relax. Parents want their child to participate in every academic, recreational, and sports activity, which is good. There is nothing wrong with having your child participate in different activities and helping them to figure out what they are passionate about. But free time is also very important for your kids because over-scheduling your child with too many activities can develop stress in them. It is important for you as a parent to make sure that your child has a balance between scheduled activities and Free Time.

Why Children Need Free Time?

Many parents are guilty of over-scheduling their child because free time has always been overlooked. Parents have all the best intentions to schedule their child in every extracurricular activity. They want to give their child every opportunity that they never had. But parents! it is high time to understand that overscheduled child can be stressed out. Free time allows your child to think and talk about things that are important to them. You should allow your child the time to open up to you, or another family member. If your child is having any kind of health-related issue, visit Marham.pk, where you can consult with the best pediatrician in Pakistan.

Your Child Need Free Time To Relax:

If you as an adult need time to relax then remember kids are no different. If you need a break after a stressful week of work, then think about those kids who are having fully packed days. Sometimes it is good to not do anything. Because children also need time to relax, it allows them to choose their own activities and spend time with people they like.

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Overscheduled?

Many parents think their child is just busy with some healthy activities and it is perfectly fine. They never realize that their child is overscheduled and this can lead him to psychological problems that overscheduled adults’ experience. If you notice your child is battling with mental health issues, then immediately visit Marham.pk and book an online appointment with the best child psychologist in Karachi. Moreover, you can notice the following symptoms in your child if he or she is overscheduled.

  • You never see your kid just doing nothing
  • Your child is stressed out
  • Your child is tensed
  • Your kid no longer love her favorite ice cream
  • Your kid is showing least of interest in eating
  • His or her grades are dropping
  • You child has become moody and anxious
  • Your child shows no excitement

If you’re nodding your head while reading these signs, then your child is overscheduled and you have to do something for it. Just cut out extra activities from your kid’s schedule and let her do nothing in leisure. Free time makes people happy and I’m sure you don’t want to snatch this happiness from your child. Just let her enjoy herself!

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