Why Is Pakistan Still Suffering From Malnutrition?

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Malnutrition isn’t just kept to kids. But at the same time, it is widespread among ladies of reproductive age suffering anemia, and among the poor community that is food insecure.

Pakistan is one of the countries that are rich in cuisine and agriculture. Pakistani food is rich in variety and tradition but still, it is struggling with poor diets. In Pakistan, malnutrition is far-reaching among all ages, and advance to address social determinants in the course of the most recent years had been moderate.

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Why Do So Many People Suffer From Malnutrition?

Pakistan is one of the world’s largest producers of wheat, sugarcane, cotton, mango, dates, and oranges. Its agriculture is abundant but still, so many people in this land suffer from malnutrition. Here is why:

Impure Water:

Many children have access to only impure drinking water. This is the factor malnourishment is taking place in many lives. It is an environmental problem which makes malnourishment and impacts on children life by creating complex health issues. To find and consult with the best physician in Karachi, you can visit Marham.pk.

malnutrition in Pakistan
malnutrition in Pakistan

Poverty And Food Insecurity:

It is one of the most dominant and influential factors. Many rural and urban families in Pakistan live below the poverty line. Every year many families have been reportedly suffering from periodic or seasonal food insecurity. This is the major reason why Pakistan is still suffering from malnutrition despite being rich in agriculture. People especially children need adequate nutrition and for that food is essential. However, lack of food and water can easily lead anyone to malnutrition.

malnutrition in Pakistan
malnutrition in Pakistan

Ignorance Of Breast Feeding:

Many mothers don’t breastfeed their baby which is essential for a child to grow better. If a child doesn’t grow properly then there is a high risk for him to suffer from malnourishment. Pakistan is facing the same problem and this rate is growing day by day. To get an online consultation with the best child specialist in Pakistan, you can visit marham.pk.

To fill this nutritional gap and to overcome the malnourishment in Pakistan it is important to take adequate steps. Each one of us has to play our part. It is important to focus on other parallel factors including improving maternal nutrition and antenatal care.

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