Why Is Urgent Vehical Important For Patients In Emergency?

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Emergency can happen anywhere. It wasn’t much clear in my mind until I saw a case in front of my eyes. It was a good day and everyone was working hard with full enthusiasm. All the team was happy because our daily goals were excellent and up to the mark. We achieved it because “we have some really cool team leaders”. That’s the reason that we work like a family. It is really disturbing when one of your family members suddenly got faint and you are totally like “OMG what next”. The same thing happened when our team leader got half numb and unconscious.
At that time the main focus was on how to take her to the hospital? Oh okay, so the answer was an ambulance or the nearest car. There was no car nearby and two of the colleague managed a car. Sadly, the ambulance is not always a good option.

Now the fact is there is a dire need of emergency vehicles in our country to cope up such critical situation. Let’s discuss it more that how can we deal with such an emergency situation regarding transport.

Institute Responsibility

No matter if you are working, student, or caretaker, there is always a source that can help in an emergency. Yes! I’m talking about owing an ambulance or vehicle by every office, school, college, and even at malls. Waiting for hospitals help or ambulance can lead toward big loss. No matter how hard these ambulance services are working for us but sometimes life can be different in a few seconds.

First Aid Vehicle

If the institute is owing to a vehicle than it should have first aid facility so that immediate help can be provided to the patient. Owing to a vehicle only is not enough. That vehicle should be well equipped for first aid too.

First Aid training.

Rescue 1122 has started training for first aid. This is a very good initiative by Govt of Pakistan. Every person must know the basic rules and knowledge for first aid. Your little effort can protect a precious life. If you are looking for the best doctor in case of emergency then Marham can help you out.

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