Why Should You Make Your Tea Black?

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Tea is one of the favorite beverages of Asians. It’s consumed in Morning, Lunch, Evening and some people prefer it in Dinner too. Now the question arises which tea is best; White, Green or Black?

Black tea is the best option, if you are looking for a low-calorie, low-caffeinate and non-sweetened energy drink. We are here to present few amazing benefits of Black tea that might convince you to make your tea black:

Superb Oral Health

Black tea is rich with Polyphenols that is known to destroy cavity-causing bacteria and it completely stops the growth of bacterial enzymes that causes the plaque to appear on our teeth. So if you are a tea addict do try black tea to reap some extraordinary health benefits. In case your plague persists, it’s always better to visit best dentist

Help you focus

Black tea is packed with amino acid that increases the brain activity which helps in concentration and alertness, so next time when you start working on an assignment or preparing for a test; keep black tea by your side.

Improved Immunity system

Black tea is rich with antimicrobial properties that destroys harmful substances from the gut and improves digestion. It also repairs the lining of the digestive tract that strengthens our digestive system. There are many Gastroenterologists present on Marham platform to whom you can consult for any serious digestive issue.

Cardiac health

Black tea contains Flavonoid which is beneficial for our heart health. It decreases the risk of cardiac diseases and other chronic diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and obesity. In case you feel pain in your chest, arm or any other symptom of cardiac issue, consult best cardiologist

Risk of Stroke

When blood vessels in the brain blocks or get rupture; stroke occurs. It can be life-threatening. Drinking black tea controls blood pressure, high cholesterol which ultimately reduces the chances of stroke. But if you face signs and symptoms of stroke, consult best neurologist through Marham.

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