Why Tourism During Pandemic Could Go Worse For Pakistan

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As we are seeing the situation getting worse day by day, there are many things that are adding up to our stress. Allowing tourism being one of the factors. We expected that the lockdown might’ve helped in lowering the case count, people have tried their best to prove it a failure. We, the people of Pakistan are quite rebellious and do not like following the rules mentioned by the administrative authorities. But have you ever thought who is at greater risk? It is not only the people who’re roaming out but us too, the ones who’re staying at home. In short, this virus will spare no one!

In this time now, is it good to give a go to tourism?. In my opinion, it can bring greater disasters and here’s the reason why.

Travelling Can Increase Human Contact

Travelling, like any other social gathering, promotes human contact. Travelling in the buses/coasters with minimal to no distance is even more dangerous than having parties at home. Travel locations -even though if they try to follow SOPs- will not be able to manage the huge crowds.

It Encourages Gatherings

Allowing tourism means allowing gatherings. Even in the peak times of lockdown, we saw hundreds of people gathered and heading towards Murree. What will happen now when tourism is no more a questionable activity. People here are confusing pandemic with vacations and that is exactly the reason we can expect hundreds of more families packing up and going for a nice cool holiday. To be honest, SOPs and social distancing are mere formalities now.

People Do Not Bother To Follow SOPs Properly

Who is responsible for making sure the SOPs are followed properly? Us, the people who are considering this as a joke by the government?. We are seriously mistaken here. Once you start allowing the people to go out freely, no one can make sure that the SOPs are even considered.
I hope the people prove me wrong but this is an opening door for the virus to spread more rapidly now! We’re on our own and we are responsible for anything happening to us now. Not the governments.

A Word From Marham

Unfortunately, the situation will worsen in the upcoming days and the best we can do is to stay at home as much as we can. Try to shift to online services, be it grocery, clothes or health consultations.

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Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Let’s fight this together!

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