Why Visit To Islamabad Should Be Avoided If You Have Pollen Allergy?

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Who doesn’t wait for spring to approach? Well, Spring not just brings the season of colorful flowers or soothing breeze it does bring the season of allergy as well. Our capital city, Islamabad is notorious for its skyrocketing cases of people suffering from pollen allergies.

Anyone can suffer from Pollen allergy but elderly people and children are more prone to getting it. The pollen count in Islamabad is drastic. Hence it is affecting the residents of Islamabad greatly. Marham decided why not discuss Pollen allergy in detail so that you are equipped with necessary information to deal with it properly when it approaches.

What exactly is Pollen allergy?

Islamabad’s greenery only has one side effect; it is a habitat of pollens. Pollen grains when released by the trees and grasses don’t reach to the other plants and hence stays in the air becomes a cause of spreading allergy. When suspended pollen grains in the air are inhaled by human beings it triggers the allergy.

Why Islamabad hospitals receive more cases of patients with pollen allergy?

All thanks to the greenery there Islamabad has a high count of pollens present in the air. Major reason of it according to the research is the presences of the excess amount of Paper mulberry trees.

Moreover Due to climate change now the scarcity in the rain has become a major cause of skyrocketing cases of pollen allergy in Islamabad.

Is it avoidable?

It is almost unavoidable because pollens suspend in the air and when it is inhaled by the person he/she is most likely to suffer from it.

When I am mostly likely to suffer from Pollen Allergy?

You are most likely to get it in the spring season when pollen concentration in the air is relatively high, especially during March-April. It gets lower in Monsoon season.

How can I know I am suffering from Pollen allergy?

You have to be very conscious in identifying following symptoms:

  • Persistent sneezing
  • Clogged or a Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Red rimmed eyes
  • Congestion/Difficulty in Breathing
  • In extreme cases asthma

What can I do to prevent myself from Pollen allergy?

Here are some triggers that can worsen your condition if you have pollen allergy:

  • Insect repellant sprays
  • Dust
  • Smoke of Cigarette
  • Smell of Paint
  • Fragrance of perfume
  • Dust on carpets

Consult Pulmonologist if you face trouble in breathing, or have any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

Few Most Popular Pulmonologist:

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