Why You Should Start Skipping Ropes

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Do you have a sedentary job that requires you to sit for long hours? Perhaps a busy schedule with back-to-back classes? My favourite lesson at school was sports. We had forty minutes to do whatever we wanted. Be it talk, play sports, walk or let’s be honest, bully juniors. I loved skipping rope with my friends. We would compete and see who would jump the most. We were frank with the principal too, so we often had her skip ropes with us. I am sure a lot of you jumped ropes too in school. It is ironic how we played around and jumped ropes without knowing its health benefits. Now that I am aware of it, I no longer do it. After reading why you should start skipping ropes, I am positive there will be a jumping rope in your bag.

Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise or diet, you notice little to no changes in your body. I will go into that in a bit later in this article.

Skipping Rope and Fat

We are impatient. You cannot deny that. It is our nature. We want quick results and we want shortcuts. We are not inclined to work hard towards something the harder way. In one way, it makes us efficient and smart. In other ways, it makes us lazy. I know what questions you have been asking since you read the title.

“Will skipping rope help me lose belly fat?”

“Will my thighs be slimmer after skipping rope?”

“Will I lose fat quicker with jumping rope than walking?”

“How many times do I need to skip a rope to be smart?”

The answer is very simple. All exercises help to maintain your physical health and fitness. It does not matter if it is walking or skipping. You should love yourself either way. Sure, you should keep healthy and fitness goals. But you should take care of yourself too. You would be surprised to hear how positivity and self-love can contribute to a better outcome.

Skipping Rope as an Exercise

Skipping rope is a great aerobic exercise. It forces your entire body into motion. It focuses on all body fat, not just a particular area. You do not have to do it speedily. Take it slow. You can start from 1-2 minutes every day and then increase the duration with each day. The benefits of skipping rope are more prominent if you brisk-walk and jog at the same time.

Jumping rope is a strenuous cardio exercise. Be sure to stretch your muscles before you begin.

Jumping rope burn calories. Jumping rope will not directly reduce the fat. It will elevate your heart rate and consume calories. These calories when burned will cause a weight loss in the long run. You cannot expect fast results with skipping rope.

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Skipping rope increases your stamina and it strengthens your calf muscles. You actively use your wrists while skipping ropes. So you are doing hand and wrist exercise with skipping ropes as well. Weighted jump ropes work even better. You can tone your body really well using this rope.

Skipping Rope Workout

Do it in sets. For example, for set 1, jump for 30 seconds. Then take a break for 1 minute before you resume again for 30 more seconds. Repeat it several times.

Then for the second set, jump the rope for 30 seconds. This time, alternate your feet. This will help shift your weight back and forth as well as tighten your core.

Be careful not to get any serious injury during skipping ropes.

There are many people in the world who exercise a lot. However, they cannot shed as much weight as they would like. For that purpose, there are special weight loss programs that a qualified nutritionist can help you with. Or if you want quick results with weight loss, there is weight loss surgery (Bariatric Surgery) that you can opt. Weight is gained very easily and quickly. Shedding weight is extremely difficult. So you have to have a lot of patience and resolution for it.

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