Will Another Lockdown Help Us To Improve COVID-19 Situation?

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Lockdown has never been favourable for Pakistan. Be it political reasons or health hazards, the lockdown has never helped. The government in Pakistan is considering the imposition of yet another countrywide lockdown if the COVID-19 situation continues to get worse.

But many people believe that imposing a lockdown may have already become irrelevant. People of Pakistan have decided to deal with COVID-19 in their own way.

The Current Situation

The virus which was only limited to a few areas earlier in the months has spread now hitting all corners of the country and transmission patterns developing in rural areas. Considering this situation, it is unclear if another lockdown is the solution or if it can be implemented at all.

Pakistan’s healthcare is not as stable as other countries fighting COVID-19. The hospitals here are already operating above their capacity and turning away many affected patients. The tally of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan has surpassed 60,000 already, which is beyond our control now. So far, we have had 1,200 fatalities all across Pakistan.

Pakistan, having in total only 4000 ventilators, is not ready to take in a bigger wave of this pandemic. During the last two days, more than 150 people were put on the ventilators across the country. These are the results of lifting a lockdown and creating an impact that COVID-19 was only here till eid. It has ruined us a lot more than we can think.

By lifting the lockdown, the government may have created an opening for the virus to spread that may have been nonexistent before.

Will The Lockdown Help?

Moreover, it is yet very unclear that what will the government do to stop the spread of this virus. There are no apparent policies or precautionary steps to beat COVID-19 in Pakistan and lockdown is clearly not the solution anymore. The imposition of another lockdown will fail for several reasons.

The lockdown implemented before was not a lockdown in a true sense. Many fought over to keep mosques open while small and major businesses have developed lobbies within the government to push for the opening of the economy.

From here onwards, the news of another lockdown with no proper enforcement strategy will only create more problems. As the government loses control of the situation, it is COVID-19 that will decide the fate of millions of Pakistanis.

A Word From Marham

The COVID-19 is spreading like fire amongst us and we are unaware who’ll be the victim. Now, we are the only ones responsible for our safety, neither the government nor our doctors. Stay indoors to stay safe because prevention is the only solution now.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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