Will Covid-19 Make A Comeback?

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As countries ease lockdowns, the worry is that populations remain highly vulnerable to the virus. Yet, we ourselves are not worried!

In the history of viruses, most of them just did not disappear. No matter how much we may want them to disappear, it is a fact that they stay longer than we expect them to be. Similarly, the novel 2019 coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, is no different. People are already tired of staying at their homes and have found the ease in lockdown as a token to go around freely but they need to understand the consequences. Doctors and other professionals are worried as they say we should already be prepared for the second wave of this virus.

Now that the whole world has had its first experience fighting this coronavirus, we should be better prepared to deal with it if it returns.

What Can Help TO Prepare Us Beforehand?

Lots of us are keenly waiting for the days when we can get back to our regular routine, our gatherings with family and outings with friends. Considering the current situation, even if social distancing rules and efforts are lifted in the upcoming weeks to months, we might have to rethink about them again. What coming times are bringing to us, no one knows!. According to healthcare professionals, Covid-19 might make a comeback. This leaves many fun events i.e going back-to-school, sports, vacations — in question.

The best safety tip is to get a hold of telemedicine and how to use it!

Telemedicine i.e online consultations have made our lives easier during the Covid-19 pandemic. Platforms like Marham.pk have used it to screen patients and evaluate their symptoms to see if they might need to get tested for Covid-19 or not. Many health professionals through Marham are offering free screening assessment to see if your symptoms require you to stay home and self-isolate or to get tested. The service includes:

  • Evaluation of medical history, assessment of symptoms, and travel history
  • Guidance on how and when to use social distancing or home isolation
  • Advice for when to seek testing or urgent medical attention

To Avoid The Second Wave

  • Avoid Gatherings
  • Practice strict social distancing
  • Do not go out for shopping
  • Disinfect your houses and cars regularly
  • Use sanitisers frequently
  • Wash your hands as much as you can
  • Prefer consulting a doctor virtually rather than visiting hospitals

A Word From Marham

As we’re not done with the first wave of Covid-19 and the scientists say that we should already be prepared for the second one. In this situation we, ourselves are responsible for the outcome and to stay safe, we need to stay home! There are various things to follow for our safety and one of them is not going out to the hospitals unless it is required. For any medical assistance, you can contact doctors through online consultation by calling at 03111222398.

So what’s the outlook for coronavirus in future years? No one knows for sure.

Let’s be strong and fight this together!

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