Winter Problems: Warm Your Cold Feet In Minutes

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As soon as the winter arrives, most of us start planning our outings and meet-ups but there are a few that plan to hibernate, who are those? Let me tell you, as most of us enjoy winters, there are also a few amongst us that suffer from extremely cold feet and hands throughout winters. This might sound funny but the condition is actually disturbing.

Having cold feet is quite normal as it depends a lot on temperature as well as lifestyle patterns. Moreover, Cold feet are one of the body’s normal reactions to colder temperatures. To deal with this situation you should have a plan ready before the winter arrives.

Our body, when it is in colder areas, causes our blood vessels to constrict. Consequently, this reduces the blood flow to these areas and the body starts losing its heat.

For the people who hibernate every year, we have compiles a list of helpful tips for you to enjoy your winters too. Keep scrolling to find out!

The Reasons Behind Cold Feet

Cold feet not only indicates that your body is responding towards cold weather but also, there can be a variety of reasons. From the winter temperatures to circulation issues and nerve disorders.

Cold Feet Can Be Caused By:

1. The First Issue Being Cold Temperatures

The extreme temperatures upset the blood flow through our bodies to the extremities. As time passes, this reduced blood flow can be a reason of decreased oxygen in the tissues and our skin turns blue. Though this is very normal and the body will return to normal as it warms up again but it can be very disturbing..

2. It Can Be Caused By High Stress Or Anxiety

If a person is too stressed and anxious, that might also cause their feet to freeze. Having cold limbs is our body’s natural response to when a person is stressed or nervous.
The adrenaline causes the blood vessels to constrict, which decreases the flow of blood and makes our body cold.

3. You Might Be Suffering From Circulation Issues

Suffering from a circulation issue is a very common cause of having cold feet. A person who suffers from poor circulation will often struggle to get enough warm blood in their limbs and will also complain about having cold hands and cold feet frequently.
Poor circulation happens in a result of either sitting at a desk all day or having a sedentary lifestyle.

Warm Up Your Cold Feet In No Time

Cold feet can be extremely disturbing, if they are not dealt with the home remedies it means you will have to consult a doctor for more extensive treatments. The doctors will help you to diagnose the underlying causes of cold feet and will guide you about how to prevent the symptom, as much as possible.

However, you should try these home remedies that can possibly help warm the feet and keep you comfortable.

1. Get Yourself Moving

Getting up and moving is a very simple thing to do, as soon as you feel your feet have started freezing, get up and walk for a while. It warms up our blood and helps the blood flow to our feet.
People who experience cold feet at work and due to their desk job are recommended to get up and walk around the office once in a while.

2. Make Sure You Have Picked The Right Socks

The socks that you are wearing might not suit you. The temperature of our feet depends a lot on the material of the socks that we are wearing. If you want to keep your feet warm, do not wear cotton socks. They might feel comfy, but they actually make our feet colder. They absorb and hold the moisture in them. So, it is recommended that you should opt for woollen socks instead as it is one of the warmest materials that you can find to keep your feet warm.

3. Wrap A Rice Bag Around Your Feet

Get yourself a heatable rice bag, or simply make your own. Whenever you start feeling cold, heat up your rice bag and drape it over your feet. You need to be very careful not to heat the rice bag too much.

4. Massage Your Feet

As soon as you feel your feet are getting colder, massage them with some foot cream or olive oil. Rub your toes, heels, and the soles of your feet as this will help to improve the blood circulation and makes your feet feel warmer. Later, put on some thick socks or shoes.

5. Try Putting Pepper In Your Socks

Sprinkle about a ½ teaspoon of crushed pepper in your socks and wear them. The presence of capsaicin compound in it improves the blood circulation in the body and helps keep hands and feet warm. Alternatively, use a cream that contains cayenne pepper.

Want To Talk To A Doctor?

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