Work Out And Save Yourself From Falling Prey To COVID19

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COVID19 pandemic has forced us to stay home. People around the world are staying at home to maintain social distancing and limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus. We’ve been in quarantine for a long time and are away from our sports clubs but it does not mean that we should stop exercising. According to a study, it is said that maintaining a regular activity will be helpful for us to maintain a healthy immune system. Here’s how!

How It Protects Us

The new researches that we are coming across in the times of COVID19 say that even a single session of exercise can increase the levels of our antioxidants. The doctors say that we are not going to live in isolation forever so we have to start thinking about how to maintain our physical activity. Exercising regularly has far more health benefits than we know. The protection against this severe respiratory disease condition is just one of the many examples. Moreover, it can protect us against many other diseases too.

It Also Helps Us Recover Quickly

Even after you have had the experience of going through COVID19 and have recovered, exercise can be of great help. Working out after recovering from COVID19 helps your body regain strength in our muscles and organs to become normal again. Exercising can increase physical strength, help to lower blood pressure, increase levels of mood-enhancing compounds and allow for greater amounts of oxygen to circulate throughout your bloodstream. Above all, if you are recovering from a respiratory illness like COVID19, it can help regain your blood oxygen levels.

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