World Day Against Child Labor: How We Can Play A Role In Stopping This Curse?

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Debating on Child Labor is very easy, stopping child labor is challenging.

“Words are not enough, the action is required

When I was a kid, I saw many children of my age working on the streets, stores, factories, roads, and even in houses. Every time I see them I keep thinking….why they are working? Where are their parents? Why don’t they study? And whenever I asked someone about all these questions, they simply said: “it’s their job or they’re meant to be here”. And I was like…Why? Why? Why they’re meant to be here? Why they have to work at this young age? I keep asking these questions but no one ever satisfied me. To book best child specialist in Lahore you can visit

At that time I wasn’t familiar with the term child labor but I cannot remember a time when I didn’t see a child working as a domestic servant. With the passage of time, I’ve realized that child labor is not new to Pakistan or I should say this “curse” is not new to the world. It has been among-st us for a very long time. But unfortunately, the uproar can only be heard when media lifts it up or when some disturbing and outrageous case came into being.

It’s quite shocking when violent cases of child labor came from the educated families. From past few years, we have seen several cases in which a judge, politicians and even social workers are the culprits. We as a part of this society should be ashamed of ourselves because we didn’t do anything to stop this curse. We think just by condemning the act we have played our role. But words are not enough, the action is required. Now is the time when we have to do something to stop the curse of child labor.

Look At Yourself, Begin With Yourself:

Let just be honest! We are equally guilty in this. We are the ones who employ children at their homes or workplace in the name of giving them the opportunity to earn some money for their family. In the cover of this, we benefit from the children as much as we want.

In fact, I’ve seen many families in which they have hired children just to entertain THEIR own children. Think for a minute and tell, is this fair? Of course, it’s not fair at all. How it can be fair when a child is holding bags of elite class-aunty when she goes out for shopping, how it can be fair when a child is washing dishes after a birthday party of your BELOVED son or how it can be fair when a child is washing your car because you have to go and deliver a lecture against CHILD LABOR. This is the bitter truth of our society. So, to stop child labor, we have to begin with ourselves first.  To book best child specialist in Karachi you can visit


Before Consuming Products, Ensure Brand Is Child Labor Free:

Don’t hesitate and ask your retailer, manufacturer or shopkeeper if their brand is child labor free or not. You must be thinking that who is going to give you the correct information. But at least you asked and this will make them think. So, next time whenever you go out shopping, investigate and ensure no child labor is involved in their business.

Educate Others And Spread Awareness:

There is always a first time for anything! If you haven’t done anything yet to stop child labor then don’t worry. You can still do it! You can educate others! You can spread awareness! Help others to understand why child labor is offensive. You can work voluntarily with organizations who are working against child labor. Just do something and make sure to practice what you preach.  To book best child specialist in Islamabad you can visit

World child labor day
World child labor day

Talk To The Offenders:

Don’t let them feel comfortable while doing something wrong. Talk to the offenders and make them understand about trauma child labor can have on the children’s psyche. Let them know that child labor is against humanity and that they’re snatching their innocent childhood.

Be Watchful, Be Alert And Report Abuse:

If you see any form of child abuse or exploitation happening around you then without any delay report to the concerned authorities. I’m sure you don’t want your own child to be in that place. So, be empathetic and inform personally to the police or call the active NGO in your locality. To book best child specialist in Pakistan you can visit

World child labor day
World child labor day

To sum up, I just want to say that children are the beautiful creation of God. They need protection, love, care, affection and both physical and emotional security. Child abuse is a threat to the society. It needs to stop on an immediate basis. And Always! Always! Remember such children need us to be their voices. So, speak up!

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