You Think Fruit Juices Are Healthiest? Think Again!

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We all want to stay healthy, eat healthy and live healthy. We try our best to opt a healthy lifestyle and when it comes to a healthy diet routine, it’s typical for most of us to incline towards fruit juices. And why not? After all, fruit is good for us and fruit juices are better than carbonated drinks and caffeinated beverages……that’s what you think. Right? But I must say you have to think again and change your mindset because fruit juices are not a healthy alternative. I’m not just saying, in fact, many studies are convincing health experts to reject the belief that fruit juices are healthiest. Don’t get confused I’ll tell you why.

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Fruit Juices Contain High Amount Of Sugar:

You drink fruit juices because you think it’s better than frizzy and other sugary soft drinks. But what you don’t know is fruit juices contain just as much sugar as soft drinks and sometimes even more. However, many experts believe that excess sugar intake is the major cause of the obesity. According to a new study in the British Medical Journal 40 % of fruit juices and smoothies contain at least a child’s entire daily recommended maximum sugar intake of 19g (which is almost five teaspoons). No wonders why sugar has been labeled as world’s number one dietary enemy.

Fruit juices disadvantages
Fruit juices disadvantages

Fruit Juices Do Not Provide Enough Nutrients:

Majority of people think fruit juices are a good substitute for food because it gives the digestive system a break while still providing the nutrients you need for energy. However, fruit juices do not provide enough of a variety of nutrients because some nutrients are left behind in the skin and pulp. It is dangerous as a meal substitute and may make you feel hungry even faster instead of less. The lack of fiber in fruit juices can also make your digestive system slower. To get an online consultation with the best nutritionist in Rawalpindi you can visit

It Can Lead You To Nutritional Deficiencies:

As you know your body needs an adequate diet for proper functionality. However, fats and protein are a high source of energy and are essential for healthy diet routine. When you drink fruit juices as food substitute then it can easily lead you to nutritional deficiencies because it does not contain fat and protein for healthy diet. Such deficiencies can make you feel weak and low. To get an online consultation with the best nutritionist in Faisalabad you can visit

Increases Risk Of High Blood pressure:

Researchers have recently found that people who drink a glass of fruit juice daily are at high risk of having high blood pressure. However, people who have significantly high blood pressure can also develop heart problems or angina.

Fruit juices disadvantages
Fruit juices disadvantages

It’s quite scary when you get to know about the hazards of the most trusted food item. But the concern lies in moderation. As it is said too much of a good thing doesn’t mean you’re making a best and healthiest decision. So, think again about your food choices!

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