Dr. Saba Khalid Counselor Lahore

Dr. Saba Khalid

Counselor, Psychologist - نفسیاتی راہنما

MS Psychology (continue), NLP (Neuro Linguists Programming), Hypno Counselor & Life Coach


3 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Saba Khalid

Asking For Self, Male, 32 Years old

Relationship Consultant

relationship consulting …………….

Asking for Other, Male, 41 years old

Stress Management

i just need to ask about the stress management therapy for a colleague. Where it can be done in reasonable rates and have effective results?, also need reviews about them <a target="_blank" href="https://themeeting...

Asking for Self, Male, 29 years old

Feet Fetish

I have feet fetish need in clinic session no other problem only obsession

Asking For Self, Male 30


i want to quit smoking please help

Asking For Self, Male 23

Stress+mental Distortion

zehni takhawat,bolne aur sonne mai masla,chercherapan,jisam mai takhawat,jaldi ghusa ana yadaasht ki kamzoori aur is se mutaliq bahut kuch plz rehnumai farmaye. jazakallah

Asking For Self, Female 22

Weight Loss Krna Chahti Hon Please Kindly Informaltion Diet Plan

And my mother herat patient un k liye liye bi diet plan sturd daly huwe hain unhe

Asking For Self, Male 25

Anxiety Depression

severe death anxiety(which I never had before) and depression after quitting sertraline , somebody please help