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Dr. Awais Ali Khan

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MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), FACS (USA)


7 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Awais Ali Khan

Asking for Husband, Male, 29 years old

General Surgery

Have to remove a cyst from foot so are general surgeries going on in hospital?

Asking For Self, Male 31

Post Opt Gallbladder Removed Back N Chest Heavy Weekness Sometimes..how Spleen Will Be Cured

em patient of H.S ( heriditary spherosytosis) family history gallbladder has been removed since 7 weeks before..on family 2 elder sisters had removed also before because of gallstones and recoverd in few days we'll mashallah..I my s...

Asking for Mother, Female, 72 years old

Ca Right Breast. Stage 4

Treatment regarding her age. Doctors referred her for chemothearpy. We r confused between chemotherapy or palliative treatment

Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old

Excellry Tissues

Hi I just want to ask that i had breast axillary tissues under my armpit. I had my surgery done but the surgeon removed half of the tissue and a small piece is left inside. Now when i am close to my periods my half arm and my armp...

Asking for Self, Female, 30 years old

Lump In Neck

I found a tiny lump in side of my neck 2 months back, I consulted an oncologist she said its swallow lymph nodes, she recommended an ultrasound for neck, and found out a nodule in thyroid , I had scan and biopsy for the nodule in th...

Asking for Self, Male, 25 years old

Palpable Lymph Nodes

I can feel some lymoh nodes in my neck and groin area for years which are of bean shape and painless but moveable. Is it normal?

Asking For Self, Male 27

Gall Bladder Removal

gall bladder remove krwaya Hy 3 week pehly pehly theek tha ab ek week se vomiting bht aty hhy Aisa lgta Hy he waqt maun mn ulty Hy doctor ko dikhaya Hy unhu ny onset or pensodin suggest ki Hy pr farq nhy prta hat waqt obaq or dikar...

Asking For Self, Female 25

Laproscopy Gallbladder Remove

laproscopy gallbladder remove krwaya Hy 15 din pehly pehly tu theek tha ab kamzori bht feel hti sari body mn pain se utha nhy jata or vomiting aty ek do Dil bht kharab hta

Asking for Self, Female, 27 years old

Medicine Dose

AOA.i'm 4.5months post partum and breastfeeding my child.I had a lump in my right breast for about a month .i had low grade fever (99-100) and sore throat from 1 week for which the dr prescribed me medicines in 1st file.it had antib...

Asking for Self, Female, 35 years old

Painful Lumps

Assalam o alaikum. 35 years old married female, since last two days she is having 2 painful lumps, 1 in right armpit and 1 on side of anal opening. Small almost pea sized n skin coloured but very painful, she noticed them becoz of p...

Asking for Self, Male, 20 years old

External Piles

Dr, im having external piles its like lumps around my anal area it only appears when i pass stole there was only one before but there is 2 more and it disturbs alot due to that im unable to pas gass and its getting worse not having...

Asking for Other, Male, 85 years old

Bedsores Stage 3

My father in law is 85 yrs of age, he is paralysed from Feb 2020. He has developed a bedsore on left heel and it isn't getting better. Dresser has used Multidex and Eusol. We can't take him to hospital due to COVID19 situation. Plea...

Asking For Someone else, Mother, Female, 38 Years old

Lumps In Neck And Legs And On Hesd

A.a mari mama ko sir ma ya bna hua hai lumps (pahluwa bara bara ) or leg ma b or doctor na ya kedicine btai hai in Inderal 10 mg and citanew 10 mg ???? So tell me About this medixines