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Dr. Sana Fatima

- طب کے ماہر ڈاکٹر

MBBS, FCPS Medicine

General Practitioner

13 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Sana Fatima

Asking For Other, Male 13

Fids Without Having Temprature

salam..meray betay ki age 13 saal hai us ki problem ye hai k us kabi kabi jb subah so kr uthta hai to fids prtay hain phly wo kehta hai chakr arhay hain phr fids prna start ho jatay hain mou taira ho jata hath paon mur jatay hain us...

Asking For Someone else, Mother, Female, 65 Years old

Temperature (typhoid)

My mother is having temperature (100-102) from last Wednesday. Pait mein khuchao b hai. Or nausea feelings bht ziada. Test krwaya jisme typhoid diagnose hua. Novidate ley rahi hain. Sath penadol ley rahi hain. But temperature 100 sy...

Asking For Self, Male 35

Blood Pressure

AOA.. what is the best way to check bp if someone has anxiety and white coat syndrome?

Asking For Mother, Female 50

Blood Pressure

Dr. Meri mother ka 2 hafte se blood pressure high hi rahta hai normal nahi hota medicine bhi use karti hai to aisa kya kare wo ab k blood pressure normal ho jaye

Asking For Self, Male 35

Egg Use

kia BP patient Anday ki sufedi use kr skta hy. clear please k BP Andy ki sufedi ya zardi sy hota hy. ya dono sy. thnx

Asking for Other, Male, 61 years old

Possible Corona?

Person has low grade fever (fluctuating between 99.6 and 100.5) for the last 11 days. Used to travel frequently outside before these 11 days due to nature of work. No other symptoms. Food intake is regular, sense of taste and smell...

Asking For Mother, Female 44

Short Breath Cough Burden On Chest

xrays impression of my mother : segmental/atelactatic in lower area of noth lungs. thickened interlobular septae in the lower lung zones filled with fibrosis/ atelactasis in both lungs.. plz tell me what is it.. recommendation for d...

Asking for Brother, Male, 32 years old

Savere Cough

My brother is having cough problem from last 8 days, in this regard he has visited to 2 doctors for checkup and taking medicine from last 7-8 days and nabolizing from last 2 days but nothing working. Soty wakt right yah left karwat...

Asking for Mother, Female, 52 years old

Vitamin Report

Asslam o alikum.dr please help me ami ki hath pair ma drd hota ha dr ne ami ka ye test krwaya tha uske bad corona ki wjha se dr nhe beth rhy unki duty kahen or lgi v ha ap ye test dekh ker bata den k kya hai is report mai or is ke h...

Asking For Sister, Female 23

Covid Breathing Query

My sister's covid came positive on 4 June and from 6 to 9 June she had breathing issues but oxygen saturation was OK (97 to 99). Currently she is having fever once in 24 hrs with body aches. Do we need further chest examination like...

Asking for Self, Male, 23 years old


Aslam walikum Main Jab Asthma Or Illergy Medicine leta Tu Pir Tu Tik Huta Hu Koi Masla Nahi Huta Lkn Jab Medicine Nahi Leta Tu pir sanss lene Main taklif sitii Ki Awaz or Naak Se Pani Tu pochna Yeh Tha K Ab Main Sari Umer Medicine...

Asking for Father, Male, 52 years old

Sputum With Minor Cough

My father is 52 ,and a smoker , he has cough when he wakes up and sometimes at night but sputum BHT aata hai Alhamdulillah he's active , with no breathing issues and chest pain but I want to know keh Kya aisa krein jiss se sputum ku...

Asking for Self, Female, 29 years old

Serve Cough And Mild Flu With Weakness In Bone

having serve cough abd mild flu since last 2 says with temo from 99 -100C plus bit weekness and numbness. Should i go for corona test?

Asking For Someone else, Husband, Male, 46 Years old

Lungs Issue

He has fever mostly 99-100 and once 101 and 102 from last 7 days. Initially taken antibiotic Leflox, Danzen DX 10mg, Kestine 10mg. But got little impact. Later started AzoMax. But situation is same. Over all No breathing issue just...

Asking for Other, Male, 44 years old

Fever , Runny Nose ,

Irritation in throat and consistent 99 fever even after panadol