Dr. Ravi Kumar Internal Medicine Specialist Sukkur

Dr. Ravi Kumar

General Physician - میڈیسن کے سپیشلسٹ ڈاکٹر

MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)


12 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Ravi Kumar

Asking For Mother, Female 48

Rheumatologist Arthritis

Doctor my mother is having rheumatologist since so many years but now she didn't consult with any doctor for two years because of her husband death but now she is having strange symptoms like diaarhea, fever, lathargicness, weakness...

Asking for Self, Female, 18 years old

Thyroid Test

Check this report kindly .Is it normal or not.

Asking For Self, Male 19

Is Tetanus Shot Needed?

Is tetanus shot needed for this wound? I got it from scratching my finger with a wall. My last tetanus shot was 8 months ago.

Asking for Self, Male, 29 years old

Covid 19 Report Issues

Dear doctors Please note I got symptoms for covid on 6th June got tested on 9th June which was positive, I isolated myslef and got repeat PCR on 24th June which came negative, since 25th June when I got negative PCR report, I br...

Asking For Self, Male 57

Throat Problem

Sir/madam!! I am professor by profession and having severe throat issue , when I speek, I have to clear my throat several times. when I eat food..I feel my throat narrowing and that food has difficulty to pass down the passage.. kin...

Asking for Brother, Male, 37 years old

Sans Lana Main Problem

salam dr mary bhai taqreban 10 din pehlay crona virus main mobtala ho ga tha allh ka shokr ha ab un ka bokhar tot gya ha laken sans lane main bahot problem o rahee ha hart beat bhi taz ho jate ha oxegen 89 tak chale jate ha bahot pr...

Asking For Self, Female 36

Is It Covid19

I had migraine and vomit on Saturday night with 99 fever. Sunday no pain no headache just fever ranging from 99 to 100 and subsiding with panadol. Today had 100 in afternoon and went down on own and then at 10 100 took 2 panadols. H...

Asking For Self, Male 33

Sudden Shocks In Legs And Neck

i am feeling sudden shocks for 2 years with no pain sudden shock in legs tingling in ears and whole body warm feeling in legs some time waterflow feeling in legs and whole body palpitations sometime blur and mostly double vision l...

Asking For Self, Male, 27 Years old

Body Check Up

Aoa sir ma full body chekup krwana chahta hu kuky mainy 3dfa cbc krwaya phr uric acid krwaya also cholesterol to wo report thk ayi lekin mjy jo ma feel krta ky kch din ma better feel krta or phr 2ya3din baad dobara weakness feel kr...

Asking for Brother, Male, 43 years old

Covid Patient

My brother is covid positive. He is diabetic too. He is having sore throat and body ache now. The attached photo is his chest X-ray. Can you please tell what’s his state now.

Asking for Mother, Female, 61 years old

Covid +ve Crp Increased, Platelets Decreased

My mother was diagnosed with covid around a week ago. She is 61 years old and eats paan. Attaching her reports please guide me how to take care of her. She took Levofloxin 500mg 1 tablet daily for 7 days and Panadol when there is fe...

Asking for Mother, Female, 59 years old

Blood Pressure Query

My mother is on covam tab once a day since February. Previously her blood pressure was very random sometimes it was normal while the other time it was high like 130/90 140/90 140/100 etc. Now in Feb her bp was high for like a week a...

Asking For Self, Female 46

Dry Cough Since 4 Months

I m gynaecologist working on rural area, known case of DM taking amryl2mg bd and triviamet50/500mg bd, my xray chest is clear, COVID19 pcr is negative. D/H for cough. Antibiotics Augmentin, orelox, klaricid, moxi and azomax on diffr...

Asking For Self, Female 28

Headaches And DNS

plz check my reports i have mild Deviated septum and headaches. do my visualized brian part look normal

Asking For Self, Male, 27 Years old

Positive Covid’19

After 24 days of feeling covid symptoms and Positive PCR report, i have tested covid antibodies (Report is attached) it came “Reactive” with patient value 3. Now I am not feeling any symptom except fatigue. Kindly confirm me ei...

Asking For Self, Female 28


i m having dry cough dry nose chest pain and pain at left ribcage bottom since one month... i visited doctor..he gave me antibiotics and suggested crp test and cbc... which came out normal.... when i take medicine,feels better .......

Asking for Other, Male, 14 years old

Low Grade Fever And High Pulse Rate

My 14 year son have low grade fever from99to 99.6 and headache from last 15days.he had already taken cefaspan ds for7 days plus azomax 7days.but temp is not going to settle.now from 1weak when he stand his heart beat goes to 170 and...

Asking for Self, Male, 22 years old

Not Feeling Well

For past some days I am feeling tingling sensation in my lower teeth and also I feel like I have a fever but my body is not hot. Still I feel I have a fever inside. I also have phlegm in my throat. Kindly tell what it is and what I...

Asking For Self, Male 25

Having Lot Of Issues. Constipation; Underweight' Etc

Aoa. meri medical history koi itni achi nahi h kuch years pehlay achanak say mairay pait may dard hua jo itna shdeeed hota tha sath vomit'BP down ho jana khair yay silsla 5 saal tk rha jis may meri endoscopy b hui' tra tra ki medici...

Asking For Self, Female 44

Took Covid Treatment And Isolation For 15 DAYS. REMAINED WELL FOR 10 Days. Again Not Well

I am a gynecologist. suffered from symptoms of covid like fever 100 for oneday, severe headache, body ache and pain , breathlessness but saturation was 97, 98%. isolated 15 days. took all treatment. joined hospital and Remained well...