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6 Yrs Experience

Patient Questions from Dr. Sidra Saleem

Asking For Self, Female 1

Movement Problem

my daughter dnt take things on right hand nd some time right leg py bhi weight nae dalti ...is this normal or have major problem....give me sugesstion...here is her ct scan....1year old

Asking for Other, Female, 1 years old

Urine Infection

Please suggest what should i do my child had uti when she was 9 months old she had blood in her urine got all her tests done lft ultrasound urine dr and cs which showed sme bacterial infection Then fosfomycin was suggested by hr d...

Asking For Self, Male 1


8 mnth baby drooling massive like salva and bubbling esy contnousily from mouth. is that normal??need suggestion?

Asking for Self, Male, 1 years old

Weight Gain

Bete ki age dedh sal hai aur uska weight 9 kg hai please mujhe koi medicine suggest kar da weight gain ka Laya

Asking For Other, Female 0

Constipation, 1 Month Old Child

My child has constipation from last 2 days. He passed little amount of stool which is very hard since then he is trying very hard for passing stool but invain. What should I do for him?

Asking For Mother, Female 1

Nappy Rash

my son is 1.6 years old. he passes 3 to 4 times stole and some time 5 to 6 times... he has nappy rash too much skin becomes red sometime start some bleeding from redness.... always wash his stole never use wipes... i am using milfix...

Asking for Other, Male, 1.4 years old

Teeth Grinding

My son is 1 year n 4 months old. He used to grind his teeth sometimes. What is the reason for such habit?

Asking For Self, Male 4


AOA Dr meri beti 3.5 years ki h kal rat ko wo naha kr air cooler k samay soi to rat ky 2:30 bje usy bht zaeda bukhar ho gya aur sardi b lg rai this phly hum fine flour use krty thy magr ab hum wheat flour use kr rahy h es ki wja sy...

Asking For Self, Female 1

Child Vomiting

My baby is 1 month old and has vomiting with full mouth pressure.

Asking For Self, Female 1

Rashes On Legs Due To Crawling .and Also Rashes Due To Urine Not Wearing Diaper In Summers

my daughter is 1 year and 5 months old.bcoz of the summers I am not able to wear her diaper.some times she pass urine due to this her legs are highly infected with rashes and redness.i wash her legs after each time and apply mustard...

Asking for Other, Male, 1 years old

Accidental Double Dose

My 15 month old (weight: 9.5kg) has a severe chest infection which was being treated with novidate 125mg syrup and dolor syrup for fever. Today on the 3rd day of dosage i accidentally Administered double dose of novidate with the d...

Asking for Other, Male, 1 years old

Weight Not Gain

AOA Mera beta almost 5 months k honay wala hai usk weight last month bhi 6 kg ta r ab bhi 6 kg Wsy to active hai lkn preshan hon k weight ku nhi barha poray month mien Kindly suggest

Asking for Other, Female, 5 years old

Egg Yolk Intolerant

My baby girl is 5.5 months old whenever I give her egg yolk she vomits until its completely out of her and after sometime she falls back to sleep. meanwhile she's fine while having fruits mashed banana suji kheer and other foods. Is...

Asking For Other, Female 11

Pediatric Growth

Assalamu alaikum. I have 3 children. Daughters aged 13, 11 and son 7. Kindly advise if we can safely give all of them this syrrup for gaining height. It's name is bio grow. Is it safe. For how long shall we give and how much dosage....

Asking For Someone else, Daughter, Female, 3 Years old


Jb se maine apni beti ko dipper churwaya hai tb se constipation ka problem hai 4 day ho jaty hai wo stool pass nhi karti agar mai koi dawai du tw vomit kr dyti hai hr tariqe se dawai pila kr dkh liya lkn wo nhi peti kia krna chahiye...

Asking for Other, Male, 1 years old

Weight Not Gain

Mera beta almost 5 months ka honay wala hai usk weight 6 kg hai last month bhi 6 kg ta usk checkup krvaya hai theek hai no cough no vomit feed bhi lay raha proper But preshan hn k weight pora month mien gain nhi hoa beta waisy ac...

Asking For Other, Female 1

1 Year Old Baby Hurt Her Chin On A Wooden Table While She Was Standing Next To It. She Started Crying After That. On Examination, The Inner Side Of Her Lower Lip Has A Small Localized Swelling That Is Slightly Bluish In The Center.

Salams Dr Sb, My 1 year old daughter hurt her chin on a wooden table while she was standing next to it. She started crying after that. On examination, the inner side of her lower lip has a small localized swelling that is slightly b...

Asking For Other, Female 06

Meri Beti Ki Age 6 Years He Is Ki Legs Me Pain Ki Complain Karti He Plz Suggest

beti age 6 years. pain hota he legs me pindli me

Asking For Other, Female 26

Baby Food Guide

mera beta 10months ka hy wo dodh ki malai bht shoq sy khata hyy .. kya me usko daily basis prr de skti hu?

Asking For Self, Male 1


my baby 1.5 year old is teething and have diarhea on n off wat to do for that .which medicane can i use to ease his tooth pain .and plx tell me.is it normal for 1.5 year old to poop 5 to 6 times in a day if thr is no diarhea ?