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Frequently Asked Questions

From attendance to OPD: it takes 2 to 3 weeks to be ready for a liver transplant
After operation:
The recipient stays in the hospital for 21 days
Donor stays in the hospital for 7 days
ICU Stay:
Donor :3 days
Recipient: 7 days

Liver transplant is required if patients own liver is not able to perform its required function and it is reflected by pts condition and having symptoms like:
Yellow eyes
Blood vomiting
Encephalopathy ( drowsiness)
Large volume fluid in the abdomen
Itching, wt loss
Liver cancer etc

Around 95 %

Yes, there are complication but they can be minimized by proper preparation of patients( recipient and donor), proper post-operative care, and most important an expert team who is performing surgery. It includes infections, rejection of the liver,  bile leaks, etc

In Pakistan, the most common causes are:
Hepatitis B and C
Liver cancers
Autoimmune diseases

It has to be a blood relative which can be proved before the court
It can be a male or female between the ages of 18- 50 years
Son, daughter, nephew or niece
Preferably first degree healthy relatives

On the off chance that you have broad liver disease, you may not be qualified for a liver transplant. Metastatic malignant cancer, which means a disease that has spread outside of the liver, may likewise preclude you.

There is torment after liver transplant medical procedure, anyway, it is by and large not as extreme similarly as with other stomach medical procedures. This is on the grounds that nerves are cut off during the underlying stomach entry point causing deadness of the skin around the mid-region. These nerves recover over the accompanying a half year and sensation returns.

Patient Reviews

Verified Patient - (Verified Patient)

I am blessed I went to him for my surgery. Alhamdulilha bohat hee kabil doctor hain baray achay se bohat waqt detay hain. Apki diet mental health physical fitness har cheez ka khayal rakha jata hai. Inkay hospital ki services bhi bohat achi thi. Staff bhi. bohat kam aisay hospitals aur doctors hotay hain jo patients ko achay se humbly deal kartay hain. Highly satisfied.

Verified Patient - (Verified Patient)

Much satisfied with his services. And I appreciate we have Liver transplant services in Pakistan with cheaper amount. Thanks to him. Mere relatives ka hua tha lIver transplant inhon ne bohat achay se deal kiya pura case. Donor ko bhi bohat humbly deal kiya. Dono hee theek hain 4 saal hogaye hain unhain. MashaAllah

Verified Patient - (Verified Patient)

Wonderful Doctor. Great Experience. Bohat motivate kiya inhon ne throughout the procedure. He is a very competent doctor. I'll definitely recommend him

Verified Patient - (Verified Patient)

I was the donor. I gave my liver to my mother. we were in a very crucial stage. We lost hope we did not have enough money to go abroad for the transplant. I got to know about Dr. Amer Latif through some doctor. I went to him with my mother. He took the case made us assure that this transplant will be done with no complications and less money. He knew we cannot afford that much expense so he gave us a discount. We were very happy and finally, my mother survived. He kept his promise and now she is totally fine. Alhamdulillah. He is a great doctor with humble personality.


Now get the best liver transplant services in Pakistan with a success rate of 95%. It is now possible for you to have your liver transplant surgery done in Pakistan with Internationally renowned competent doctors, and at a cost which is very reasonable. Not only liver transplant, but you can get the treatment of all the diseases related to the liver. The average cost for the procedure is 4-5 million.