World's Best Skin Cover-up In Pakistan

World's Best Skin Cover-up In Pakistan

World's best skin cover-up for every type of skin tone is now available in Pakistan! Mi Show More

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World's best skin cover-up for every type of skin tone is now available in Pakistan! Microskin is a thin liquid film that is applied to the top layer of the skin to colour correct and cover up skin conditions. It is a camouflage Australian product available worldwide that helps in covering skin conditions such as vitiligo/brass, birthmarks/paidaishi nishaan, hyper, and hypopigmentation/jhaeian, burn marks/jalnay kay nishan, scars/zakhum kay nishan, tattoos, etc. It is not a cream, makeup or medical product and is made with specialised technology using organic ingredients and essential oils. Microskin is available for all ages, genders and skin tones. It is made to look like your skin texture and feel. Now there is no need to apply to make up every day to cover up your skin. It is an added benefit for those who have no other option besides makeup to cover their conditions as it very light on the skin, breathable, waterproof, does not rub off, and lasts for days. *Terms and conditions apply. The Microskin Experience service includes consultation, skin scanning, 1x1 inch product demonstration, and training. This discount price is for Microskin 25ml Pre-mix Kit, charges will vary depending on Kit and SKU purchased. Application coupon will be given to Marham clients after purchasing of kit. Clients must mention Marham to avail the discount deal. This offer is valid till 31st December 2019.

Patient Reviews

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I was skeptical of my nature and thought that when I first heard Microskin, it was a product that would not work again. I use this product every day and most of my friends do not even know that I have large vitiligo traces on my face and hands. Microskin is my savior and I cannot think of a life without it. When I used the product, I regained my confidence and made it possible to do what I liked. I apply makeup on it and it looks very natural and doesn’t feel that I wear some extra thing on my skin Microskin really saved my life and frankly I do not know what I can do without it.

review-img Verified Patient

Used Microskin for a genetic skin disorder on various parts and it served its purpose well. Felt good on the skin, not heavy at all and didn’t feel like anything was on my skin. It also had a smooth feel once the final step of the sealing powder was put on so it became undetectable. I have generally oily skin so it lasted a good amount of days and came off on its own slowly. It was a very different experience but very effective

review-img Verified Patient

I suffer from vitiligo in certain places. I came across Microskin on the net and decided to give it a go just for the heck of it. I had tried everything else so why not try this. Thank God I did. Thank you so much Microskin! I used it only for the vitiligo around my eyes in patches. It was such a great feeling to be able to go out and play sports and not worry about smudging my makeup or sweating and accidentally wiping it off showing the vitiligo patch. My parents were so happy for me as well and glad that I was happy and getting a chance care-free. Thank you once again

review-img Verified Patient

7 years later and I still use the product daily and most of my friends wouldn’t even know that I have extensive Vitiligo all over my body.

review-img Verified Patient

Microskin is a wonder product. I Have gone for various treatments for my vitiligo white skin patches but this is definitely the best and most effective masking cover-up technique/ product i have ever used! I was really nervous and conscious about my skin but ever since I’ve been using Microskin I feel more confident and at ease. KUDOS to the whole team for bringing this to Pakistan! "

review-img Verified Patient

I am able to survive with vitiligo with this wonder product.

review-img Verified Patient

Microskin gives me confidence. I can easily cover up my birthmarks with the help of this product


Microskin is a simulated second skin that is formulated individually to color correct the client’s skin condition. It is a light liquidized application which is applied on to the epidermis (top layer of skin).

No, it is not a make-up product nor a cream and doesn’t have the makeup appearance like other camouflage products.

It varies with different skin types (oily/dry) and on different parts of the body. Microskin can last a couple of days on the face, as the natural oils will break the application down faster. On other parts of the body, it will last several days.

No, it cannot be removed with water, it comes with a special removing agent that can be used to remove it. Microskin is waterproof.

Microskin is a natural pigment, it's organic and made of essential oils

Microskin does not have any side effects, however, very sensitive skin may feel a slight tingle when applied. If you have any allergies to natural oils, you must run a patch test before application. Open, wounded or cut skin will experience irritation when microskin is applied.

No, Microskin is safe to apply at areas that are exposed to the sun.

Microskin is not a makeup product thus it should not be used as a substituted for foundation but can be applied as a base. However, only powder-based makeup items can be used on top of it.

Yes, Microskin is safe to apply on all skin areas.

It is preferable to remove it as soon as it starts looking dirty to give a fresher look.

No, Microskin is not a cure to treat skin conditions. It is one of a kind substitute that helps in covering the affected area.  

Microskin sits on the epidermis layer of your skin. Scrubbing would remove the layer of skin thus removing Microskin. Soaps with harsh chemicals can reduce the life of Microskin.

Yes, Microskin is safe to use on minors as well


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