Appendix Surgery

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Dr. Maryam Jamil

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Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Hussain Andrabi

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Dr. Zahid Mahmood

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Dr. Maaz Ul Hassan

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Dr. Muhammad Tayyab

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Dr. Saqib Zeeshan

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Who needs Appendix Surgery

Appendix Surgery or an appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix. It’s a very common emergency surgery that’s performed to treat appendicitis, an inflammatory condition of the appendix. When the appendix becomes inflamed and swollen, bacteria can quickly multiply inside the organ which leads to the formation of pus. This buildup of bacteria and pus causes pain around the belly button that spreads to the lower right section of the abdomen. Walking or coughing can make the pain worse. You may also experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea as symptoms.

Appendix Surgery Benefits

It’s important that you seek treatment right away if you’re having any symptoms of appendicitis. If this condition is not treated timely, the appendix can burst and release bacteria and other harmful substances into the abdominal cavity. This can be life-threatening and thus it's crucial to remove the appendix right away before the appendix can rupture.

Appendix Surgery Recovery

Appendix surgery recovery or appendectomy recovery time is shorter and you can expect to leave the hospital one or two days after surgery. However, the full recovery time for an appendectomy is a few weeks. After having appendix surgery, you should make sure to not lift heavy objects or participate in strenuous activity for three to five days even for 10 to 14 days in case open appendix surgery.

To keep the pain minimalized, support your abdomen with a pillow or other soft object when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or make other abdominal movements. Some other things that you can do for your quick recovery are:

  • Do rest and give yourself time for healing.

  • Wash your hands before and after touching your incision area.

  • Avoid baths until your stitches are removed.

  • Don't wear tight or rough clothing and

  • Take part in engaging activities, such as music or games, to distract you from your pain.

If the procedure is done through laparoscopy, the recovery time is even quicker.

Appendix Surgery Cost In Pakistan

Appendix surgery cost in Pakistan ranges from PKR 75,000 - 200.000. It varies depending upon the surgeon who performs the surgery, materials used and the hospital expenditure/equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you undergo laparoscopic surgery, you get back to normal routine after 1 to 3 weeks of surgery. In the case of open surgery, it takes 2 to 4 weeks.
Appendix surgery is performed to remove the appendix when an infection makes it inflamed and swollen. If your appendix ruptures, it can be a life-threatening situation that requires immediate surgery.
You may experience conditions like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It's important to seek treatment right away if you're having symptoms of appendicitis and get it removed which cures all the conditions.