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Add Details to Book Body Contouring Treatment

Rs225000Rs 99500

Add Details to Book Body Contouring

Rs225000Rs 99500

Success Stories

Verified Patient

Recently visited London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre for a BODY CONTOURING Treatment. The entire process from consultation to treatment was seamless. The staff at the clinic was courteous, helpful, and very attentive. I would highly recommend this London Aesthetics to anyone looking for something similar services. (Usman Malik)

2021-04-07 14:18:17

Verified Patient

Excellent facility, comfortable environment with all the measures to maintain patient secrecy. I always wanted to get my body in shape but hesitated then I visited London Aesthetics and they solved my problem. Very much satisfied with the services and the staff. 

( Anonymous )

2021-04-07 14:27:24

Verified Patient

After trying all possible methods for losing weight, I had a consultation with London Aesthetics to see if I can undergo their treatment to remove the excess fat. The body contouring treatment they have took only 45-60 mins each session and I am very satisfied with the results just after 4 sessions. No fade diets or exercise and I am shedding weight like magic.

(Nasia Zahoor)

2021-04-08 09:55:32