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How can I find treatment of Artificial Teeth?

Book online consultation for the best dentist for artificial teeth Dina through Marham. We have a number of top verified dentists listed on the basis of their qualifications, dental clinic location, and fees. Our team of best false teeth dentists keeps patient satisfaction as their top priority and has a 100% patient satisfaction score.

What are artificial teeth?

Artificial teeth also called dentures are used as a replacement for natural teeth and surrounding tissues. Artificial teeth can be complete or partial. Complete dentures are used to replace the missing tooth while partial dentures are used to restore chipped or broken parts of teeth. Artificial teeth are made of acrylic resin 

If you have lost your teeth due to aging or any other reason, book a doctor's appointment online for the best artificial teeth service in Dina.

What is the cost of Artificial teeth in Pakistan?

Artificial teeth price in Pakistan depends on the type and material of the denture. The best dentist cost for artificial teeth ranges between 500-3000 PKR in Pakistan. The price of artificial teeth also depends on the location of the dental clinic.

Which are the types of artificial teeth?

Artificial teeth are made of any of these three materials;

  • Acrylic False teeth: Plastic or acrylic teeth are commonly used to make false teeth due to their ability to fix perfectly to any shape

  • Porcelain teeth:  Porcelain teeth are employed in dentistry due to their durability and strength. There are the most resembling false teeth to the natural teeth

  • Partial metal teeth: Metal teeth are smaller in size and fix perfectly in place. They are labor intensive. They also contain good quality resin to give them color.

Can artificial teeth be fixed permanently?

A type of artificial tooth can be fixed permanently by implantation inside the jawbone. They are permanent in the mouth like natural teeth. While there are removable fake teeth as well that are fixed to the gums with adhesive as and when required.

How long do artificial teeth last?

If you properly maintain your oral hygiene, artificial teeth can last upto 10-20 years. Practice regular brushing and flossing to keep your mouth clean from bacteria and cavities.

Booking an online appointment with a dentist can help you in making the right decision for artificial teeth based on your requirements and age. Trust Marham to book the best doctor for artificial teeth service in Dina.

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