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Psychiatrists are mental health professionals whose area of expertise is brain and its effects on behavior and well-being of a person. A psychiatrist can help preventing, diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. They are qualified to assess both mental and physical aspects of a psychological issue. They are trained to differentiate mental illnesses from other conditions that may cause similar symptoms. They can treat conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD and bipolar disorder. Psychiatrists use a variety of treatment approaches including psychotherapy, medication, psychosocial intervention, counseling, and ECT. Here is a list of best psychiatrists in Pakistan whom you can contact to book an appointment.

Dr. Mujtaba is a very nice man and I always feel so comfortable with him. When I came to him, I was depressed and without any hope of getting better life but he brought me back to life and happiness. I am grateful to him for his g...

Dr. Naeem Aftab is probably the best Psychiatrist in Lahore. After several psychiatrists badly failed to give me proper psychiatric help in a professional way, I was lucky to find Dr. Naeem Aftab right after he came to Pakistan af...

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