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0 Best Audiologists In Abbottabad

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Who Is An Audiologist?

Above is the list of PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) verified Audiologists in Abbottabad. You can view their experience, practice locations, timings, services, fees, and patient reviews. You can also find the best Audiologists in Abbottabad on the basis of area, fee, gender, and availability. More than 0 top Audiologists of Abbottabad are listed here. Book an appointment or an online consultation.

Who is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are doctors who are specialized in identifying, assessing and managing disorders of hearing, balancing and other neural procedures. Audiologists diagnose and treat all the issues, by performing standard examinations. They also select suitable hearing aids and other listening devices for patients. This helps in the prevention, identification and management of hearing loss, tinnitus and balance system dysfunctions. Audiologists can treat hearing problems in patients of all age groups (from infants to adults).

When to see an Audiologist?

Audiologists treat most of the hearing issues. You should see a Audiologist when you notice any of the following symptoms or issues:

  • Facing difficulty hearing in public.
  • More difficulty in understanding children and women’s speech.
  • Ringing in one or both ears (Tinnitus).
  • Difficulty in maintaining balance.

What issues are treated by Audiologists in Abbottabad? 

Audiologists can help you manage medical conditions through audiological care and treatment, which may include hearing aids, aural rehabilitation, or balance therapy. Below are the issues treated by the Audiologist in Abbottabad:

  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Balance disorders
  • Dizziness

You should book an appointment or an online consultation with the best Audiologists in Abbottabad, if you are facing any of the above-mentioned hearing and balance-related problems.

What is the qualification of an Audiologist?

In Pakistan, Audiologists are MBBS doctors, which takes five years of study in a medical college. After this, Audiologists pursue a Masters or an M.Phil. degree in Audiology. All Audiologists are verified from PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission). However, many Audiologists go on to further specialize in their field from abroad and acquire audiology certifications, PhDs, and others. All the Audiologists in Abbottabad are highly qualified and have either completed MBBS or BS audiology, along with an M.Phil. and many other specialized degrees in audiology from abroad.

What things you should keep in mind while selecting an Audiologist?

Before choosing a Audiologist, you need to think very carefully and evaluate your options on the following basis:

  • Experience of the Audiologist.
  • Services of the Audiologist: that whether a Audiologist provides the service you are looking for, or not.
  • Qualifications of the Audiologist: you should see how qualified the Audiologist is.
  • Reviews of the patients: you should read the patient’s feedback. This will help you in making an informed decision for Audiologists to see.

Who are the best Audiologists in Abbottabad?

On the basis of experience, reviews, and patient feedback, we have shortlisted the top five Audiologist in Abbottabad. Their names are as follows:

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