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Who Is A Diabetologist?

An endocrinologist who has additional specialisation in managing diseases such as diabetes is known as a diabetologist. These specialists are the go-to person one should consult if they are suffering from diabetes. Diabetologist help people to manage and treat type 1 and 2 diabetes along with their associated complications. Top diabetes specialists are highly-educated individuals and are in huge demand globally. It has now become very easy to consult a diabetologist and manage your life with diabetes in a much better way through Marhampk. These specialists not only treat diabetes but also educate patients on diet, exercise, and how to manage spikes in sugar levels.

What do diabetologists do?

Diabetologist usually work in coordination with:

  • Diabetic educators
  • Nurses
  • Podiatrists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Renal physicians

They team up and educate, treat and monitor a patient through medications, either oral or the ones that should be injected.

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Book an appointment or take online video consultation with the top certified doctors. You can call at Marham helpline: 0311-1222398 to schedule your appointment. It is Marham's honour to have served 50,000+ members through online consultations till date. It saves a lot of time and makes it easy for a patient to talk to a doctor at any hour of the day. Marham.pk always tries to share the burden of people and for that, we send you reminders and notifications about your appointments so that you don't miss any. Our team is always available to guide you regarding availability of doctors in your area and are concerned about your appointments so you can keep your health in check. They are available to attend your queries and calls from 9 am – 11 pm all week round.

Reviews of Best Diabetologists in Khairpur

Dr. Naveed A Shaikh - Diabetologist

Review:- "It has been great experience with Dr Naveed Sahb as my father's diabetes was out of control for years despite high doses of insulin and too much prevention but when we visited Dr Naveed diabetes started controlled with very low doses of insulin it's been more than year my father is continuing medicine. Honestly speaking my father had become much disappointed due to uncontrolled sugar levels as it was causing other troubles too but Alhamdullah now a days my father's sugar levels are normal. I would highly suggest people to visit dr naveed as where you would be provided many suggestions which you people wouldn't have been given earlier.."

Frequently Asked Questions

The Top 1 Diabetologists of May 2021 in Khairpur are:

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You can contact the best Diabetologists by booking your appointment, or by online consultation or you can call the doctor now also you can meet them by viewing their practice details on respective profiles of best Diabetologists - View Available Doctors here.

1 Top available today doctors are:

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The best Diabetologists with 10+ years of experience are:

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The fee range of Diabetologists in Khairpur varies from PKR 500-3000 depending upon doctor's experience and qualification.

Marham never charges any extra hidden amount. The consultation fee is charged by the doctors and you only have to pay what is displayed on our website.

According to some specialists, drinking coffee can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If someone already suffers from diabetes, they should consult their primary physician before consuming coffee.

Your first appointment with your Diabetologist will probably take 30-60 minutes. They’ll ask you about your symptoms, medical history, and any treatments you’ve tried. Other visits could be shorter.

Diabetologists are the specialists who treat patients having diabetes, whereas, endocrinologists specialize in endocrinology and treat all diseases that are related to the endocrine organs.

- Visit Marham.pk and look for the right Diabetologist in Lahore
- keep your past medical history with you
- Write all your questions on the paper
- Keep a budget that you might need to go for a few lab tests
- Prepare how you will tell the doctor about your condition
- Take a wise care-taker for the visit with you if the condition is severe

You can book appointment with the Diabetologist that are available for online consultations by calling Marham's helpline 03111222398 or visiting our official website.

Telemedicine is now considered as the safest way to consult doctors during COVID19 pandemic lockdown. Marham.pk's telemedicine service has helped thousands of patient to stay home and safe. Through Marham, find a {{specialist}} and book an video/audio consultation with them.

Consultation charges varies from one doctor to another and the hospitals they practice at. On average, initial consultation with a {{specialist}} cost somewhere around PKR (average consultation charges). Some {{specialists}} offer up to 60% discount on online consultations if they are booked via Marham.

It is very easy to find a Diabetologist around you. Install mobile application or log on to Marham website to access the information of thousands of doctors in no time.

Marham.pk offers you different payment methods to pay for your consultation. The options include:
- Jazzcash
- Easypaisa
- Bank transfer
- Payment through the card
Choose from the payment methods above and proceed to your appointment confirmation.

Yes, Diabetologist do treat children if it is required.

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or call at our helpline 03111222398 to book an appointment with a Diabetologist.